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4 Reasons to Be Excited for Zombieland: Double Tap

September 25th, 20194 Reasons to Be Excited for Zombieland: Double Tap

It’s almost hard to believe that it’s been a full 10 years since the release of director Ruben Fleischer’s ZOMBIELAND. Featuring a fantastic core cast including Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg and Abigail Breslin, the zombie comedy was a surprise hit when it was released in the fall of 2009 and became an instant favorite for those who enjoy a few screams tossed in with laughs during a cinematic experience. Fans have spent the last decade regularly rewatching the movie, and now we’re getting a special chance to dive back into the post-apocalyptic world.

AMC will screen both ZOMBIELAND and ZOMBIELAND: DOUBLE TAP back to back on October 16, before the sequel opens October 18. Attendees will get a Zombieland survival pack that includes items referenced in the films and a commemorative lanyard.

Tickets for the event and the long-anticipated sequel are now on sale, and if you’re not excited already, you most definitely should be. Here's why.

The Original Holds Up Perfectly

Zombieland poster Let’s start with the fact that even though it’s now celebrating its 10th anniversary, the original ZOMBIELAND holds up perfectly and really does an amazing job setting up a specific zombie-infested world — and some wonderful, dynamic characters. In addition to having some fun-scary moments, it also does something a lot of post-apocalyptic titles don’t: explores the fun side of the world ending. It’s the kind of atmosphere that leads our heroes to encounter Bill Murray in his mansion, and in ZOMBIELAND: DOUBLE TAP, it's revealed that they have spent years of their lives living in the White House.

The Full Original Cast Is Back and So Are the Original Filmmakers

Zombieland stars Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg and Abigail Breslin There are some years-later sequels that wind up suffering because they failed to reunite all of the same people that made the original so fantastic. That isn’t the case with ZOMBIELAND: DOUBLE TAP, however. Not only are Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg and Abigail Breslin back in their respective roles (Tallahassee, Wichita, Columbus and Little Rock), but the story and direction are also being handled by the same minds behind the first ZOMBIELAND — namely director Ruben Fleischer and screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

There Are Some Fantastic New Stars in the Ensemble

Woody Harrelson and Rosario Dawson in Zombieland: Double Tap There is obviously some serious star power in play in ZOMBIELAND: DOUBLE TAP just by bringing back the original core cast, but that didn’t stop the production from also bringing aboard some other fantastically talented actors. Rosario Dawson will be playing Nevada, a woman who has taken up residence at Graceland, and the rest of the ensemble cast also includes Zoey Deutch, Luke Wilson, Thomas Middleditch and more.

The Zombies Have Evolved

Zombieland Double Tap Given that a full decade has passed in the universe since the first ZOMBIELAND, fans can expect that Tallahassee, Wichita, Columbus and Little Rock won’t be exactly the same characters we left in the last movie — but they won’t be the only ones who have changed. There is also going to be shown some evolution among the undead, specifically with the introduction of what are called T-800 zombies, which are much stronger and faster than the mindless flesh-cravers from the original (named after, of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character in TERMINATOR). Needless to say, the new zombies should do a nice job emphasizing the “horror” in horror-comedy in ZOMBIELAND: DOUBLE TAP.

ZOMBIELAND: DOUBLE TAP will be in theatres on October 18. Get your tickets to the sequel and double feature now!

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