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Adam Brody’s Journey to The Kid Detective

October 16th, 2020Adam Brody’s Journey to The Kid Detective

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In THE KID DETECTIVE, life is much different for its main character Abe Applebaum (played by Adam Brody) now than it was when he was 12. A once-beloved kid detective who solved trivial mysteries in his small town still finds himself working on irrelevant cases at the age of 31, but without receiving the praise or recognition. It isn’t until a high school student hires him to investigate the murder of her boyfriend where he’s given the opportunity to silence his skeptics and finally prove himself as a real detective.

While the dark comedy is just getting on moviegoers’ radar after premiering at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival and now opening this weekend at AMC, longtime friends Brody and writer/director Evan Morgan have been trying to get THE KID DETECTIVE made for nearly 6 years. We had the opportunity to chat with Brody and Morgan about their collaboration on getting the film to the big screen.

Brody, who also serves as an executive producer on the film, told us, “it’s been such a long journey from first reading the script to finally being on set and now talking to you about it, it’s all very surreal.”

Brody was particularly excited about the story’s unique tone, which he attributed to the sensibilities of his writer and director Evan Morgan, saying, “his voice is so strong and so unique, sharp, and funny and I feel like I speak the same language, while not as well, but I hear exactly what it should sound like and it really speaks to me, so I wanted to be a part of it any way that I could.”

For Morgan, what he appreciated most about the film was working with his star Adam Brody, who he created the role specifically for. “He’s been there throughout the entire time, looking at edits of scenes, or clips of the film, and he’s such an incredibly important collaborator for me not only generally, but also in respect to this project.”

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Get Tickets THE KID DETECTIVE is now playing

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