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Anxiety, Innocence and Addiction to Romance

October 4th, 2023Anxiety, Innocence and Addiction to Romance

SHE CAME TO ME opens October 6

A tale to two families set in New York, SHE CAME TO ME is a film that is a study of human connection. During an exclusive interview with writer and director, Rebecca Miller, we discussed breaking the mold of genres to create a film that captures the absurdity of life, while exploring real problems with high stakes. New York serves as the ideal backdrop for the film, with it's contrast in society.

“What I love about New York is that you can walk, take a long walk and encounter so many different aspects of our culture and our society, and I love the idea of people transforming each other. And I think that's one of the main themes of the film is that we all create each other day by day, and it's never too late to sort of change your life so it's more aligned to your own true self.”

An Acclaimed Cast

To bring Miller’s story to life on the big screen, she needed a leading man who could communicate anxiety, fear, hopefulness and joy in an understated way to capture the humor and the sadness of the subject matter. Joining Miller on her journey as Steven Lauddem, the genius composer suffering from anxiety and tremendous creative block is Peter Dinklage. As a modern day leading man, Dinklage has the ability to pull the audience into the posh and affluent world of the Opera, with the disposition of a common man.

“The whole film is dealing with serious subject matter in a lot of ways, but at the same time, seeing the humor in life and the absurdity of life. And I think Peter is the ideal companion in this journey, and really kind of in a way is the key to the whole film.”

Dinklage’s character, Steven, is harbored by his wife and psychiatrist Patricia, played by Academy Award® winner, Anne Hathaway. Miller shared that Hathaway was the first to join the production and that the two of them collaborated in the development of the emotionally reserved wife, but that the actress influenced some of the most humorous character traits, to expose the compulsive nature of Patricia.

If Patricia is the compulsive force blocking Steven‘s creative mojo, Miller introduces the audience to the impulsive Katrina, portrayed by Academy Award winner Marisa Tomei. Miller describes the character Katrina as the catalyst, a hurricane that crashes into Steven creating a rippling effect of creative inspiration, and guilt. Miller spoke of Tomei’s portrayal of a Tug Boat Captain, lost in a sea of romance.

“And it's an amazing thing to see, you know, I really do think she's a spectacularly talented artist. And it was just so much fun. The thing that's great is that also we had so much fun. She enjoyed the character so much and the joy of making this story with her was, was so, was huge.”

A Bruce Springsteen Original

SHE CAME TO ME features a compelling, operatic musical score from Bryce Dessner, that embodies the emotional highs and lows of the characters during their journey of love and self discovery, but at the end of the film audiences will be treated to an original song from a legendary songwriter. Miller shared how she wanted to wrap up the film with a song that captured a timeless, Americana essence, and she was treated to a heartfelt song from Rock icon, Bruce Springsteen.

“And it turned out that Bruce loved the film and Patty loved the film. And they called me, just ecstatic and (they) loved it. And he said, what do you want? I said, well, if you would write a song and he said, let me. You know, give me give me a few days. Let me see if anything happens, and three days later he had written a song and it was incredible. It just came out of him and even he was like amazed by it. And there it was, you know, so it was a gift like it was a real gift.”

Watch The Trailer

Romantic comedies are always a must, and SHE CAME TO ME is one of our most anticipated October must-see movies. Watch the trailer for Rebecca Miller’s enchanting film that brings a fresh perspective to the genre.

Be sure to get tickets to SHE CAME TO ME, and stay on the scene with AMC Scene for more interviews with directors of upcoming movies coming to an AMC theatre near you.

SHE CAME TO ME opens October 6

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