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Arctic Dogs: Be You, Not the Top Dog

October 28th, 2019Arctic Dogs: Be You, Not the Top Dog

We all have qualities that make us special. For Swifty the Arctic fox, it's his ability to blend into his snowy environment. But sometimes, we can feel like our unique features are flaws.

The new animated adventure ARCTIC DOGS has an important message for kids: Do what you can to make the world a better place and be yourself along the way.

The story follows Swifty (Jeremy Renner), who has dreamed of being a Top Dog at the Arctic Blast Delivery Service since he was a young pup. The Top Dogs are a team of star husky couriers that are celebrated and idolized by the citizens of Taigasville. Of course, there are certain requirements to be a Top Dog, and Swifty has dedicated his life to measuring up.

His friends, the caring but clumsy PB and childhood crush Jade (Alec Baldwin and Heidi Klum), encourage him to be happy with what he has and who he is, but Swifty refuses to give up on his dream — and he eventually gets his opportunity to deliver the day's mail, when the Top Dog team goes missing.

Other strange events have been happening since Otto Von Walrus (John Cleese) and his puffins arrived in town, like earthquakes and increasingly warmer weather. All of this leads Swifty to discover a sinister scheme to unleash masses of ancient gas to melt the Arctic.

Turns out, the very quality that made Swifty feel "invisible" is exactly what's needed to outsmart Otto and his flying henchmen and save the day.

It's a valuable lesson for kids: "Anyone can be a top animal, not just dogs, because everyone has something unique and special to offer." And they can take in that lesson while they enjoy an exciting adventure across a winter wonderland.

ARCTIC DOGS is in theatres this weekend, so get your tickets now on the AMC website!

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