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Brotherhood Anchors Explosive War Drama Midway

November 6th, 2019Brotherhood Anchors Explosive War Drama Midway

Epic action is expected from war films, and MIDWAY is no exception, especially with Roland Emmerich (INDEPENDENCE DAY, THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW) in the director's chair. But Emmerich and writer Wes Tooke made sure to balance the massive explosions with a deeply personal story, centered on a close-knit fraternity of pilots.

In an exclusive interview with AMC, Tooke said, "The things they went through are almost unimaginable. You have to reflect that. And the way to reflect it is by showing these people are human, that they have a full range of emotions, and that they’re not just machines going into war."

They are men fighting men, and the filmmakers drove that point home in one particularly provoking scene, in which Patrick Wilson's Admiral Edwin Layton comes face to face with Tadanobu Asano's Admiral Tamon Yamaguchi. Get a peek at the dramatic moment and hear more from Emmerich and Tooke.

It was important for the filmmakers to show the painful realities of war. The soldiers who fought in the Battle of Midway were incredibly courageous, despite the fear and loss they experienced following the attack on Pearl Harbor. But what helped them pull through, and what anchors the story of MIDWAY, was their unshakable bond.

"It didn’t matter whether you were an admiral or down below deck in the kitchen, you were all still targets," MIDWAY star Dennis Quaid said. "You were all in that ship. You had to all work together. You were fighting really for each other as well as your country." Take a look at part of our exclusive interview below.

We know because they banded together and refused to give up that the U.S. was victorious in this pivotal battle of World War II. These soldiers changed the fate of the world, and now we can witness their untold true story on the big screen.

MIDWAY co-stars Ed Skrein, Mandy Moore, Woody Harrelson and more. Get your tickets now for Veterans Day weekend, November 8.

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