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Could Bloodshot Lead to a Valiant Comics Cinematic Universe?

December 5th, 2019Could Bloodshot Lead to a Valiant Comics Cinematic Universe?

In 2008, what was once a risky gamble in the world of comic book movies became a box office success the world would come to know as the start of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If it wasn’t for the meteoric success of director Jon Favreau’s IRON MAN, we might not have seen films like Warner Bros.’ JUSTICE LEAGUE or even Fox’s DEADPOOL.

Now, Sony is about to launch a new comic book adaptation called BLOODSHOT, based on Valiant Comics and starring Vin Diesel as the titular hero. Could this movie bring fans a new cinematic universe? It's worth discussing ahead of the film's release in February 2020.

The largest determining factor as to whether or not BLOODSHOT will kick-start a new cinematic universe in town is, obviously, the film’s performance at the box office. Like DEADPOOL, BLOODSHOT will likely be rated R, so the movie will need to find an audience with over-18 fans, which shouldn't be difficult. Diesel’s reprogrammable amnesiac Ray Garrison (aka Bloodshot) is given powers like super strength and fast healing — the nano-technology in his bloodstream makes him stronger than most people in his universe.

So, should BLOODSHOT find success at the box office, the door may open to more Valiant projects being adapted into major motion pictures.

Sony hoped to secure not only a BLOODSHOT sequel, but also an AVENGERS-style crossover with another movie in the Valiant franchise, HARBINGER. However, that title moved from Sony to Paramount, which means that the planned HARBINGER WARS is now pretty much off the table — unless Sony wants to make another SPIDER-MAN-style deal that sees them sharing custody of another cinematic universe.

The possibility of that prospect doesn’t seem likely, but ultimately BLOODSHOT will have to do well in theatres before any further questions are asked.

So, yes, we could very well see the development of a Valiant Comics Cinematic Universe, with stories like "Archer & Armstrong," "Shadowman," and "Faith" all waiting for their turn in the cinematic spotlight. If it does end up happening, it could be another complicated world of superheroics.

Make sure you get tickets to BLOODSHOT when it hits theatres near you on February 21, 2020.

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