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Explore Movie Memories from 2006

April 27th, 2020Explore Movie Memories from 2006

In 2006, James Bond took on a new look and personality, as Daniel Craig quickly put to rest any questions about whether he was right for the role. Fourteen years later he has held the title of James Bond longer than anyone else, and he is set to step into the shoes of 007 one last time later this year in NO TIME TO DIE.

It’s the Year in Film, 2006! Gird your loins. And if you start feeling faint, just eat a cube of cheese.

Casino Royale

Time marches on, for all of us. But not for James Bond. For 25 films, spanning seven different decades, Bond, James Bond, has been a staple on the big screen, delighting generation after generation of audiences around the world. If Sean Connery gave the character life, bringing the British spy from books to the big screen, then it was Daniel Craig who revived the role in 2006, taking over as 007 in CASINO ROYALE as a less campy, more serious Bond, fit for the 21st Century.

You can catch CASINO ROYALE, and all of 007’s previous exploits on AMC Theatres On Demand.



The dramatic film adaptation of the Broadway play brings a powerhouse cast and brought home a few golden statues. Jennifer Hudson, in her film debut, steals the show as Effie White, lead singer of the Dreamettes whose manager (Jamie Foxx) replaces Effie with her backup singer, Deena, played by Beyoncé in a rare big screen appearance. Hudson’s performance won her an Oscar and Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress. Eddie Murphy, in his first dramatic role in years, scored his first Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Jennifer Hudson is scheduled to return to theatres this holiday season with the Aretha Franklin biopic RESPECT.


The Departed

Good vs. evil. Cop vs. criminal. Dedication to family vs. dedication to job. And deception is at the heart of all of it. Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio, on opposite sides of the law, are on a collision course, and Jack Nicholson is the crime boss who always seems one step ahead of everyone. When you settle in for this Best Picture winner on AMC Theatres On Demand, get ready for a thrill ride of loyalty, betrayal and revenge. Bring your knowledge of Hawthorne, not Shakespeare.


The Prestige

Speaking of deception and dedication, how far would you go to maintain an illusion? Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman play magicians who start as colleagues, turn into rivals, and end as enemies, with each on a lifelong journey to put on a performance more extraordinary than the last. And sure, t’s been 14 years since this film came out, but you’ll find no spoilers here. Fire this one up on AMC Theatres On Demand, and when you’re done, give yourself a moment. You may not want to move until you watch it again.


The Devil Wears Prada

A surprise breakout hit in the summer of 2006, THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA earned more than $300 million globally against a budget of $41 million. Anne Hathaway was in the midst of a transitioning from a teenage princess into an Oscar winning actress (which she would accomplish seven years later) when she landed the job that millions of girls would kill for, as a co-assistant at a fashion magazine, Emily Blunt turned into a breakout performance that nabbed her a Golden Globe nomination and Meryl Streep was…well Meryl Streep was as amazing as always, portraying a powerful, demanding and demeaning fashion editor. Go see this movie immediately on AMC Theatres On Demand. That’s all.


The Oscar Contenders

According to his IMDB page, THE DEPARTED director Martin Scorsese has 278 awards nominations, including nine Academy Award nominations for Best Director, and is generally regarded as one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. But single his Oscar win, for Best Director, was awarded for his work on THE DEPARTED.

All the gold for Kings and Queens: “Royalty” was rewarded on the awards circuit for the 2006 movies. Forest Whitaker as former Ugandan President Idi Amin in THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND and Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth II in ELIZABETH took home the Oscar, the Golden Globe and pretty much every other Best Actor and Best Actress awards that were given out in 2007.

The rise of Guillermo: Part fantasy, part horror story, part history lesson, but all incredibly stunning and captivating. Director Guillermo del Toro’s PAN’S LABYRINTH earned three Oscars, winning the awards for Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction and Best Makeup. Guillermo Del Toro would be back at the Oscars 11 years later with THE SHAPE OF WATER, for which he won Best Director and Best Picture.

Everybody on the bus: LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE’s cross-country family story missed out on the biggest prize of Best Picture, but it took home the awards for Best Supporting Actor (Alan Arkin) and Best Original Screenplay (Michael Arndt).

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