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Explore Under The Sea In RealD 3D

May 15th, 2023Explore Under The Sea In RealD 3D


It seems like it was only yesterday we were just hearing about Disney’s plans to give THE LITTLE MERMAID the live-action remake treatment, yet here we are on the eve of the fantasy musical’s long-awaited debut. In a matter of days, we’ll be going off with Halle Bailey’s Ariel as the inquisitive and fearless mermaid sets out to find out what life is like outside of the sea.

Before you make your ticket purchases for what’s undoubtedly one of the biggest movies of the year, we want to share three scenes from the forthcoming Disney live-action remake that we think sell the the 3D experience. And don’t worry, we won’t spoil anything from THE LITTLE MERMAID, instead, we’ll highlight the reasons why it’s fun to explore under the sea in RealD 3D.

Uncharted Waters

One of the most exciting, and terrifying, scenes in the animated version of THE LITTLE MERMAID was the sea storm that destroyed Prince Eric’s ship and brought an abrupt end to what was a night of fun on calm waters. The scene, which also saw Ariel save her love interest from sinking to a watery grave, is one that surely lives rent free in the heads of countless moviegoers from a certain generation.

With a scene as momentous as that, it should come as no surprise that the sea storm returns in the live-action remake, and is more terrifying than ever before. The already intense moment is turned up a few notches with the immersive 3D experience of watching Prince Eric (Jonah Hauer-King) battle for his life as massive tidal waves fill the entire screen. The waves pounding along the side of the sinking ship and ferocious waters sweeping across the deck overwhelm the senses, creating an experience like no other.

The angry waters aren’t alone, though, as the broken-up ship is caught ablaze, making Prince Eric’s quest to save his crew, his best friend, Max the Dog, and himself, all the more difficult. While you’ll be safe in your chair, you’ll feel as if you're aboard the ill-fated vessel.

Under The Sea

Is there any musical number from THE LITTLE MERMAID that is as fun to sing as “Under the Sea?” Sure, “Kiss the Girl” and “Part of Your World” are bonafide classics that will forever go down as some of the beet Disney songs, but when you think about this tale, the Academy Award®-winning “Under the Sea” is undoubtedly the first to come to mind, and get stuck in your head.

That being said, you already knew the beloved musical number was going to be a major part of Rob Marshall’s live-action remake, and we’re here to tell you that you were so right. The way in which this legendary scene is brought to life in RealD 3D is out of this world with its vibrant visuals and celebration of all the creatures under the sea.

The variety of sea life and plants have so much depth and color that they pop off the screen, creating a sensation that makes it feel as if you’re swimming alongside Ariel, as Sebastian (Daveed Diggs) goes over the joys and wonders of living beneath the surface of the ocean. Combine that with the rich and incredible choreography of the scene, and you have yourself a recipe for enchantment.

Ursula’s Wicked Cavern

Another great scene from THE LITTLE MERMAID that really sells the RealD 3D experience is Ursula’s (Melissa McCarthy) wicken cavern. You know, the one where the scheming sea witch tricks Ariel into giving up her voice in exchange for legs so she can seek out Prince Eric. Well, as frightening and tense as the scene was in the original 1989 animated classic, the new live-action version is one that will leave you both terrified and enthralled by the sights and sounds on screen.

In the unsettling yet eye-popping experience, Ursula preys on Ariel and convinces her to swim into her dark and dangerous cavern, which means the audience is right there with the princess the whole time. The depths of the ocean are filled with skeletons, electric eels, and an aggressive garden that stretches out of the screen and surrounds you thanks to the 3D effects.

As if that’s not enough, the intensity is magnified when Ursula whips up her cauldron to create a typhoon of magic to transform Ariel from a mermaid to a human.

You can see these scenes, and all the others brought to life by RealD 3D, when THE LITTLE MERMAID opens in AMC Theatres nationwide. If you want to know more about THE LITTLE MERMAID, and all the other upcoming movies, make sure to come back to AMC Scene!

 THE LITTLE MERMAID opens May 26th

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