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Families Will Be Thankful for John Cena and Playing With Fire

November 8th, 2019Families Will Be Thankful for John Cena and Playing With Fire

The holiday movie season is almost upon us, and with that very occasion there’s almost always a couple of family comedies ready to hit theatres with smiles and shenanigans. And as luck would have it, Paramount’s PLAYING WITH FIRE is one such film that’s primed to entertain families not only on opening weekend, but also throughout the month of November.

John Cena leads an all-star cast that includes Keegan Michael-Key, John Leguizamo, Judy Greer and Brianna Hildebrand in this family comedy that sees a trio of firefighters tasked with caring for a trio of children they stumble upon during a fire. Just as Cena’s comedic talents are a good fit for a movie like PLAYING WITH FIRE, this film is a good fit for those looking for some PG-rated excitement and laughs in the run up to Thanksgiving weekend.

With themes that show just what makes a family unit truly special and how sometimes the bravest thing to do is to care, PLAYING WITH FIRE is a wholesome, yet hysterical movie. And with the various reasons families take vacations during the month of November, be it holiday or school-calendar related, there will surely be a market for this particular adventure.

PLAYING WITH FIRE will keep kids laughing at the larger, more physical gags that involve pratfalls galore, while John Cena and his veteran co-stars will score plenty of comedy beats that adults can enjoy, without having to worry about any awkward car rides home. Really, audiences of all ages will be excited to see PLAYING WITH FIRE work its magic.

A lot of movies try to put something for everybody into their finished product. Who doesn’t want to be able to share a communal experience like a major motion picture with their family? That being said, PLAYING WITH FIRE is one of the best examples of a movie that can hit such a wide mark at a theatre near you, that you could literally take anyone to see it and they’d get something out of the deal.

So, whether you can make it out to see PLAYING WITH FIRE this weekend or throughout the holiday-friendly month of November, you’ll be sure to enjoy the results no matter how old you are.

PLAYING WITH FIRE opens at an AMC theatre near you today, so get your tickets now!

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