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Family Adventure Awaits With The Call of the Wild

January 21st, 2020Family Adventure Awaits With The Call of the Wild

Classic literature has always proven to be a fine source of family-friendly fun. Recently, we’ve seen LITTLE WOMEN bring a well-taught story to life with a brand-new spin, and we’re about to see the same approach again in 20th Century Fox’s THE CALL OF THE WILD.

Based on Jack London’s 1903 novel, THE CALL OF THE WILD focuses on a dog named Buck, who after a series of misadventures finds himself going from a beloved house pet to a feral adventurer. Eventually, he finds his way to the frontiers of the Yukon and embarks on several escapades that are way different from what he’s used to.

Such is the life of new sled dog Buck, as he comes face to face with nature both at its most beautiful and most deadliest. THE CALL OF THE WILD is the sort of adventure you hardly find in theatres these days, and part of that is because it balances action and thrills in a family-friendly context.

An impressive cast acts alongside the CGI-animated Buck in THE CALL OF THE WILD. The lineup includes JUMANJI: THE NEXT LEVEL’s Karen Gillan and Omar Sy from JURASSIC WORLD. But out of all of the actors who have had adventures pertaining to wild and sometimes hairy beasts, STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS’ Harrison Ford is a pretty amazing choice for the role of John Thornton, a character who looks to be one of Buck’s long-standing companions on the journey ahead.

Stretching back to 1923, there have been five other film adaptations of THE CALL OF THE WILD, with various approaches to the material being employed. But this most recent version, directed by animation veteran Chris Sanders, is perhaps the most fitting and certainly most family-programmed version of the story we’ve ever seen.

Previously lending his talents to films such as Disney’s LILO & STITCH and DreamWorks’ HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, Sanders is no stranger to exploring themes of humanity through human-creature relationships. In that respect, you could say that Chris Sanders has been preparing for this day for some time.

Adventure, excitement and companionship await families who answer THE CALL OF THE WILD, which will ring out at an AMC near you on February 21. Set a reminder to get your tickets for opening weekend as soon as they go on sale.

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