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From Superbad to Good Boys

August 14th, 2019From Superbad to Good Boys

This weekend, jokes we normally hear coming out of Seth Rogen’s mouth instead will flow from the adolescent mouths of the GOOD BOYS cast.

Jacob Tremblay, Keith L. Williams and Brady Noon are foul-mouthed middle school friends on a mission to repair a broken drone. Along the way, they hope to combat fraternity brothers, steal beer from a convenience store and learn how to properly kiss a girl.

Good boys, indeed.

If you have seen one of Rogen’s classic R-rated comedies, you know what to expect from GOOD BOYS. But this is also because the movie is produced by Rogen and his longtime collaborator, Evan Goldberg, a partnership that dates all the way back to 2007, when the duo worked on both SUPERBAD and KNOCKED UP.

Those comedies helped put Seth Rogen on the map as a comedic force, and he has been building on his reputation ever since by producing hit movies with Goldberg’s help.

Many of these, you probably have seen. But if GOOD BOYS gets you in the mood for this brand of humor, here are a handful of like-minded comedies that can keep the bro-tastic laughs flowing between you and your best mates.


THE GODFATHER of foul-mouthed best friend comedies. Jonah Hill and Michael Cera basically play on-screen versions of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, and SUPERBAD got right to the heart of male friendship, as reflected by over-the-top toilet humor. Also, we met McLovin for the first time, and life was never the same.


Seth Rogen plays an adult, but still finds plenty of adolescent laughs in a very clever premise. Rogen and Rose Byrne play new parents who buy a home next to a frat house, and then wage war on the perpetually partying college kids. Zac Efron and Dave Franco all but steal the show in those frat boy roles.

Sausage Party

Rogen and Goldberg proved that their brand of humor extends to animation, with a seriously raunchy story about food products that look for the meaning of life in a grocery store after hours. You are not prepared for how twisted and nasty SAUSAGE PARTY is willing to get when going for a laugh!

GOOD BOYS is now in theatres, so be sure to grab tickets and head to your nearest AMC. But parents, leave your own good boys at home.

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