Good Boys: New Side of Jacob Tremblay

August 2nd, 2019Good Boys: New Side of Jacob Tremblay

Typically, it takes a few years and a few different projects before an actor can establish an audience. Adam Sandler’s crowd knows the type of comedy that they will get out of the former “Saturday Night Live” star. Tom Cruise has cultivated an audience of action mavens who live to see him risk his life to complete the greatest stunt.

And even though he’s only 12 years old, actor Jacob Tremblay has established a reputation for inspirational, challenging and family-friendly stories, such as WONDER, ROOM and BEFORE I WAKE.

Lately, though, the young actor is starting to push his way into unexpected roles in surprising movies. He goes toe-to-toe with the legendary alien for Shane Black’s THE PREDATOR. And he’s about to get raunchy in the hard-R-rated GOOD BOYS. Tickets just went on sale for the anticipated comedy, so click here to grab your seats for opening weekend!

Directed by Gene Stupnitsky, GOOD BOYS takes a page directly out of the Seth Rogen playbook (Rogen’s also a producer on the comedy), imagining the foul-mouthed SUPERBAD, but with 11-year-old boys. In a nutshell, Tremblay plays the leader of a pint-sized trio of friends who inadvertently wreck his father’s drone, then spend one long, mischief-filled day trying to replace the tech before dad realizes it’s damaged.

Here’s the restricted red-band trailer, to give you an idea of the humor in GOOD BOYS.

GOOD BOYS is extremely funny. It’s also extremely different than the early movies we have seen from Jacob Tremblay. But now we are starting to realize, that’s the point. After starting off in family-friendly fare, Tremblay has been pushing the envelope in terms of the types of stories his audience wants to see him in.

Colin Trevorrow’s THE BOOK OF HENRY, for example, packed several twists as it plunged deeper into a murder-mystery story that wasn’t evident from beginning. We mentioned Tremblay’s major role in THE PREDATOR. And now there’s GOOD BOYS.

And he’s only 12.

The sky appears to be the limit for young Jacob Tremblay. From drama to horror and comedy, he is testing every genre and finding success at an early age. His choices are unpredictable, and his output has been memorable.

Tickets are now on sale for GOOD BOYS, so be sure to see Tremblay's latest feature once it drops into AMC theatres on August 16.

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