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Humor Gets Translated

April 10th, 2019Humor Gets Translated

When it comes to humor, things can get lost in translation. Physical humor tends to transcend language gaps. People falling down is funny, no matter your method of communication. But dialect can affect dialogue, as American comedian Will Forte learned while working with Irish co-directors Mike Ahern and Enda Loughman on the upcoming comedy EXTRA ORDINARY.

Forte sat down with AMC at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, where EXTRA ORDINARY held its world premiere. Watch a clip of the interview below, and then we’ll get into the film details.

The comedy was shot in Ireland, with a predominantly Irish cast. And because of that, when commenting on the reception of the film at its first screening at SXSW, Forte joked that the crowd wrestled with the humor at first as they figured out the pace of the jokes and the thick Irish brogue.

“It takes a while to pick out the Irish accent,” Forte said. “I think there are some jokes even me, who has read the script before, I’ll go, ‘Wait, what’d they say?’ But it’s really fun … people really try to decipher what these [expletive] are saying! I’ll just say that for Americans, the repeated viewings, they’re going to discover more and more each time.”

In the film, Will Forte plays Christian Winter, a failed singer-songwriter and one-hit wonder who has turned to devil worship to revive his failing music career. When he curses a virgin teenager, the girl’s father chooses to fight back, recruiting the help of a local Irish woman (Maeve Higgins) who has a talent for talking to the dead.

Yes, the comedy is as offbeat and irreverent as that plot synopsis makes it sound. But Forte says that he was completely on board with EXTRA ORDINARY because of the directors’ choice to film in Ireland, for authenticity.

“I love it so much,” Forte said of the Emerald Isle. “They could have written a [terrible] script, and I would have done it anyway, because I just love Ireland so much. Thank god they wrote an amazing script and it just, everything made sense to go over there and do it. It’s just a magical place.”

EXTRA ORDINARY had a successful debut at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin. It is seeking distribution, and once it has a proper release date, we will let you know about ticket availability.

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