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Jawan Looks Eye-Catching And Action-Packed

August 25th, 2023Jawan Looks Eye-Catching And Action-Packed

JAWAN opens September 7th

The final stretch of the year is going to be a busy one at AMC Theatres. With so many highly anticipated movies, a plethora of Oscars® hopefuls, and new thought-provoking biopics, there’s going to be a little bit of something for audiences of all ages before the end of 2023. The same can be said for the upcoming international films that will soon introduce moviegoers to new cultures, film styles, and talented actors. And JAWAN is a perfect example of that.

From director Atlee Kumar, the Hindi-language action thriller will surely dazzle and entertain audiences with its combination of adventure, drama, and mystique as it explores a man’s path of redemption in a city where second chances aren’t easy to come by. Here is what we can expect to see when JAWAN opens at AMC Theatres locations nationwide in September.

A Man Righting His Wrongs

Though the eye-catching and action-packed teaser trailer doesn’t fully explore all the specifics of what could be twist-heavy narrative about redemption, retribution, and the tireless fight between good and evil, it does introduce Shah Rukh Khan’s protagonist, a hardened man who sets out to right his wrongs, rectify society’s flaws, and come face to face with a ruthless outlaw with a history of violence.

In the trailer, Khan’s character embarks upon his righteous mission with style, ferocity, and determination, which will all be needed when he faces off against some highly-trained, and heavily-armed goons and crimelords before the night is through.

Stunning Visuals And Special Effects

Directed by Arun Kumar – better known by his stage name, Atlee – JAWAN looks like it will be a visually stunning action thriller that uses special effects in such a way that it gives the movie a unique attitude and atmosphere. The trailer, which is hopefully a good indication of what we can expect from JAWAN, has an incredibly stylized look and feel to it.

The way the shots are composed, the way in which time slows down in several of the action sequences, and the various camera tricks pulled off by cinematographer G. K. Vishnu all work together to create a cornucopia of visually arresting moments that will surely look out of this world when JAWAN lands on the big screen.

Intense Action

This has been a great year for the action genre with JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 4 and MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – DEAD RECKONING PART ONE giving audiences some of the most unforgettable movie moments and hard-to-believe sequences that cause us to jump out of our seats and throw our fists up in the air. Well, come early September, we’ll probably need to add JAWAN to that list, because it looks like the action in the upcoming film is second to none.

Going off what we’ve seen in the trailer, the upcoming thriller looks like it will continue to raise the bar when it comes to presentation of intense action sequences. With fights that look like if you combined OLD BOY and FAST X, eye-popping camera tricks that turn bone-crunching battles into works of cinematic art, and others with an atmosphere so tense you would need a machete to cut through it. That being said, It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out.

An Incredible Cast

In addition to seeing Shah Rukh Khan playing a dual role with various avatars in JAWAN, Atlee’s epic action thriller will also see some major Tamil-language movie stars get in on all the big-screen action.

Nayanthara, who is well known in the Tamil, Malayalam, and Telgu film industries, will appear in JAWAN in one of the major supporting roles. Though her character’s name has not yet been revealed, the brief footage of her shown in the teaser trailer makes it appear like she’ll play some kind of police officer. Highly decorated Indian actor Vijay Sethupathi also appears in an undisclosed role, bringing with him years of experience. Then there is Deepika Padukone, who will be making a “special appearance” in JAWAN.

But this is just the beginning of the JAWAN cast, as other actors, like those who play the mercenaries seen working with Shah Rukh Khan’s vengeful and righteous character, will surely get plenty of time on screen during the nearly three-hour action epic.

As you can probably tell by now, the JAWAN trailer has us all a little more than excited for what the upcoming international film has in store for us when it opens in AMC Theatres locations nationwide this September.

JAWAN opens September 7th

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