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John Cena’s Playing With Fire, and He Looks Like He Loves It

October 18th, 2019John Cena’s Playing With Fire, and He Looks Like He Loves It

It’s not strange to see a big-league wrestling talent like John Cena cross over into the world of acting. But with movies like TRAINWRECK and BLOCKERS, Cena has not only shown that he’s adept at pivoting to the world of acting, but he’s also a real comedic talent.

In the upcoming PLAYING WITH FIRE, Cena plays a firefighter who finds himself and his crew having to care for three children after a fire throws them all together by fateful chance. His character, Jake Carson, is better known by the rest of his crew as “Supe,” but these kids aren’t exactly taking orders from him or his compatriots, and the results look to be family-comedy gold.

Joining John Cena in PLAYING WITH FIRE are fellow comedic superstars Keegan Michael-Key and John Leguizamo as members of Cena's fire team, and DEADPOOL franchise star Brianna Hildebrand stars as Brynn, the oldest of the three young wards of the firehouse. As a mutant in the world of Marvel and a co-star to Ryan Reynolds twice over, Hildebrand going head to head with Cena feels like a fight that’s more fair than it would seem on the surface.

That’s part of what makes watching John Cena in PLAYING WITH FIRE’s ensemble cast so much fun. With so many of these big-ticket players in the mix, it’s a recipe for a family film that may surprise some parents by how much they actually enjoyed it, which is always a good thing to have on hand when the holiday season starts to kick into gear.

In the tradition of Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg before him, John Cena is taking a pretty big step into this unique movie genre with PLAYING WITH FIRE. But don’t just take our word for it, as you can watch Cena in the film’s trailer below.

It takes a big person to let child actors run roughshod all over their stoic, but cuddly image. With a fantastic supporting cast and John Cena’s extreme talent for deadpan at the forefront, PLAYING WITH FIRE looks like it may continue the career trend Cena started with last year’s BUMBLEBEE. Also, don’t be surprised if a lot of kids become John Cena fans seemingly overnight.

PLAYING WITH FIRE is in theatres on November 8, but you can buy advanced tickets now on the AMC website!

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