Jungle Cruise: We Love Action Star Emily Blunt

October 16th, 2019Jungle Cruise: We Love Action Star Emily Blunt

She has been Mary Poppins and stared down the devil who wears Prada. But when Emily Blunt does action, she shines the brightest, and it looks like we will get plenty of that in JUNGLE CRUISE.

The irony of celebrating Emily Blunt’s action prowess in JUNGLE CRUISE? She is paired with one of the planet’s biggest action stars, Dwayne Johnson. The first trailer for Jaume Collet-Serra’s family adventure gives both leads ample opportunities to show off their physical gifts, and we love how nimble and lithe Blunt can be when given the chance to flaunt these talents.

JUNGLE CRUISE looks like a lighter take on TOMB RAIDER or a RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK sequel with a dash of Disney whimsy. Blunt’s character is on a quest for a flower in the Amazon that is blessed with magical healing powers. But to find it, she needs the help of a guide, played by The Rock.

Here, see for yourself.

SKYSCRAPER, JUMANJI, and HOBBS & SHAW have taught us that The Rock can do difficult missions in his sleep. This trailer, though, is an outstanding reminder of how effective Emily Blunt is in these roles as well — which you knew if you saw her in the sci-fi thriller LOOPER or kicking all sorts of tail in the extraordinary EDGE OF TOMORROW alongside Tom Cruise.

Some argue she stole that movie away from Cruise, and if this JUNGLE CRUISE trailer is any indication, she's ready to swipe this movie from Dwayne Johnson as well.

Collet-Serra, meanwhile, brings the right touch of action choreography to the stunts in JUNGLE CRUISE, having worked with Liam Neeson (NON-STOP) and Blake Lively (THE SHALLOWS) in his previous films.

We will be able to see how their collaboration turned out when JUNGLE CRUISE drifts into local theatres on July 30, 2021.

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