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Meet The Bad Guys Characters

April 1st, 2022Meet The Bad Guys Characters

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On April 22, THE BAD GUYS, the latest feature-length film from DreamWorks Animation will open at AMC Theatre locations nationwide, and bring with it a unique cast of characters from multiple species who all live in a world where humans and anthropomorphic animals coexist, for the most part anyway. But before you run out to watch a group of highly trained criminals attempt to prove to society and themselves they can be good, or at least not be as bad, you should probably meet a few of them first.

Below is a quick guide to all of THE BAD GUY characters, who’s portraying them, and some non-spoiler information on their respective backstories. There’s a whole encyclopedia of details to unpack, so let’s get this show on the road.

Mr. Wolf

At the center of THE BAD GUYS – both the group and the movie – is Mr. Wolf, who has long been perceived by society as being a charming yet cunning con-artist who will do anything to better his own position in life and make it to the next score. But after far too many run-ins with the authorities, Mr. Wolf is forced to make a decision: keep up his life of crime and eventually go to prison for the rest of his natural life or turn a new leaf and become a new wolf. But that’s only if he can get the rest of his crew on board with the latest scheme.

Providing the voice for Mr. Wolf in THE BAD GUYS is Academy Award® winner Sam Rockwell whose previous voice work includes TROLLS WORLD TOUR, THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN, and “F is for Family.” Rockwell won his Oscar for his performance in THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI.

Mr. Snake

If Mr. Wolf is a hopeless optimist then his best friend and partner-in-crime Mr. Snake is about as opposite as opposites get in THE BAD GUYS. Although faithful to the gang and willing to do anything to see each job to completion, this crime-hardened and sarcastic reptile is incredibly pessimistic, especially when it comes to his longtime friend thinking it’s time to put their unique set of skills to something a little less illegal.

If Mr. Snake sounds familiar it’s because the expert safe-cracker is voiced by comedian Marc Maron, who is best known for his long-running “WTF with Marc Maron Podcast,” an interview show with more than 1,200 episodes featuring interviews with just about anyone and everyone including musicians, actors, and even sitting U.S. Presidents.

Mr. Piranha

Despite his small size and stature, Mr. Piranha is the muscle of the eponymous group in THE BAD GUYS and will do anything to see that his partners make it through their various jobs unscathed. Equal parts courageous and excitable, it doesn’t take much to get Mr. Piranha fired up, but be careful, as he is known to expel a terrible-smelling gas when his nerves get the best of him.

Providing the voice for Mr. Piranha in THE BAD GUYS is Anthony Ramos, who previously worked with DreamWorks Animation in the 2020 animated musical TROLLS WORLD TOUR in which he portrayed King Trollex, the fearless leader of the Techno Trolls. Ramos also made waves in HAMILTON and more recently IN THE HEIGHTS.

Mr. Shark

Even though he’s the largest member of the group and has perhaps the most distinct look, Mr. Shark is considered the gang’s master of disguise in THE BAD GUYS. With razor-sharp teeth, a massive frame, and equally large heart, Mr. Shark is considered the warmest and friendliest of the bunch, which is a shocker considering the fact he’s a great white shark.

With an over-the-top character like Mr. Shark it should come as no surprise that an equally over-the-top actor was cast to provide his voice. Stepping in for the master-of-disguise is Craig Robinson, who in addition to appearing in movies like PINEAPPLE EXPRESS and HOT TUB TIME MACHINE and shows like THE OFFICE, has voiced characters in SHREK FOREVER AFTER, ESCAPE FROM PLANET EARTH, and DOLITTLE.

Ms. Tarantula

Rounding out the major players in THE BAD GUYS is Ms. Tarantula, the group’s expert hacker who rarely finds a situation that can’t be solved with her intellect and prowess behind a computer. But whenever difficult situations do come around, the sharp-tongued computer genius pulls out her secret weapon, err weapons, aka her eight arms and legs that transform her into the world’s most renowned hacker. And despite being the youngest member of the gang, Ms. Tarantula is also its most independent.

Stepping in to provide the voice of Ms. Tarantula in THE BAD GUYS is Awkwafina, the Golden Globe® winner who has taken the world by storm since breaking out in 2018 with hit movies like CRAZY RICH ASIANS and OCEAN’S 8. Since then the rapper-turned-comedian-turned-actress has also appeared in multiple animated projects including RAYA AND THE LAST DRAGON, THE SPONGEBOB MOVIE: SPONGE ON THE RUN, and most recently “The Boys Presents: Diabolical” to name only a few. She’s also set to appear in Disney’s upcoming remake of THE LITTLE MERMAID.

The Other Guys

Outside of the main group of supposedly reformed thieves in THE BAD GUYS, the movie also features loads of supporting characters who help or hinder the gang in one way or another. First, there is Professor Marmalade, a Good Samaritan Award-winning guinea pig voiced by Richard Ayoade who sets out to help the Bad Guys make a much-needed change in their lives. Next up is Governor Diane Foxington, a red fox voiced by Zazi Beetz who has long since changed her ways from being a notorious criminal of her own. Then there is Alex Borstein’s Police Chief Misty Luggins, who has had her sights set on nabbing Mr. Fox for a very long time. Finally, there is Tiffany Fluffit, a reporter voiced by Lilly Singh with a knack for the dramatic and sensational, especially when it comes to covering Mr. Fox and his various exploits.

Now that you know all the characters all there is left to do is watch the trailer for the THE BAD GUYS .

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