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Mismatched Action Pairs

May 15th, 2019Mismatched Action Pairs

The buddy cop formula has been around for decades, powering some of Hollywood’s most popular action-comedies. Casting is key in these scenarios, as audiences tend to appreciate the chemistry shared between mismatched actors trying to solve a crime.

Michael Dowse’s upcoming comedy STUBER will continue this tradition, casting Dave Bautista as a detective who must commandeer an Uber car driven by Kumail Nanjiani in order to track down a vicious killer. Needless to say, Nanjiani isn’t the best partner in the world, seeing as how his character, Stu, has no actual training in taking down seasoned criminals.

But STUBER got us thinking about other mismatched pairs who brought the laughs as they juggled action and comedy. How many of these have you seen?

Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock, The Heat

Personality types are a big factor in mismatched pairings. There’s often a rule follower and a loose cannon. That’s what we got out of Bullock and McCarthy in THE HEAT, as the two ladies played off their differences while trying to nab a ruthless drug lord.

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube, Ride Along


Hollywood loves to pair tough-as-nails seasoned veterans with inexperienced everymen, and that formula worked to a T when Kevin Hart and Ice Cube joined forces for RIDE ALONG and its sequel. Hart has no problem playing dumb alongside comedic foils, and very few people on screen look tougher than Cube. Put them together and watch the sparks fly.

Tom Hanks and Hooch, Turner & Hooch

This one has become a bit of a punchline and one that Tom Hanks actually embraces. Yes, the two-time Oscar® winner played a police officer forced to care for a slobbering doggie when his friend gets killed. And he endured the embarrassment that came with working alongside a dog. But it worked!

Sylvester Stallone and Estelle Getty, Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot

Stallone has some of the coolest action movies on his resume, and his pairings with the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Kurt Russell are the stuff of legends. However, the idea to team him up with “Golden Girls” standout Estelle Getty sure didn’t stand out, and STOP! ended up being a total dud. Stallone has joked that he only took this role because it was rumored that Schwarzenegger was circling the part, but that was a prank Arnold was playing on his close friend. Who got the last laugh?

STUBER will continue the grand tradition of teaming up two stars who seemingly shouldn’t fit together. Will they click? Find out when Dave Bautista and Kumail Nanjiani drive into AMC theatres on July 12.

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