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Re-Enter The Matrix in Dolby Cinema at AMC

August 30th, 2019Re-Enter The Matrix in Dolby Cinema at AMC

Twenty years ago, The Wachowskis impressed the world with their bold sci-fi vision known as THE MATRIX, and it set off a chain reaction of evolution in the world of movies. Whether you’ve seen the film in theatres or on home video — or even if you haven’t seen it before — you’re going to get a chance to see it in a way that even veteran THE MATRIX fans have never viewed it before.

Between now and September 5, you’ll be able to enter THE MATRIX in the crisp picture and mind-blowing sound that make up the Dolby Cinema at AMC experience. And it’s all thanks to the combined presentation of Dolby Cinema visuals married with the Dolby Atmos sound system.

So, even if you are familiar with Keanu Reeves’ journey into the machine world, you’ll be able to see it on a screen that’s clearer than your typical theatrical exhibition. Even the darkest of colors are enhanced through the special screen and precision projection system.

Even more exciting is being able to really feel every punch, every explosion and every note of THE MATRIX’s iconic score. That is thanks to the advent of the top notch Dolby Atmos sound system. More than your average set of speakers, the quality and coverage of Dolby’s Atmos system help pull you into a truly immersive movie like THE MATRIX.

But above all else, the best reason for you to see THE MATRIX at your local Dolby Cinema at AMC is that it’s the same THE MATRIX you know and love. The only real difference is you’ll be able to experience the film in such a way that it’ll feel both brand new and just as it did the first time you ever saw it. It’s like a time machine, but without all of the side effects.

You’ll definitely want to hurry though, as THE MATRIX will only be in Dolby Cinema at AMC locations for one week. So, if you’re interested, you can scout out the AMC theatres near you running this limited-time event.

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