Sonic the Hedgehog Will Surprise Fans and Newcomers Alike

February 14th, 2020Sonic the Hedgehog Will Surprise Fans and Newcomers Alike

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG has taken some twists and turns on its road to theatres, with a bump in the release date and a redesign of the film’s central character surprising fans looking forward to seeing the Sega mascot come to life on the big screen. Now, with director Jeff Fowler’s film opening at an AMC near you this weekend, there are a couple more surprises for folks getting ready to see Sonic run.

The first big surprise is that while SONIC THE HEDGEHOG does have the titular speedster running up a storm, it’s actually more of a buddy road trip comedy that sees Sonic (Ben Schwartz) teamed up with ambitious small town sheriff Tom Wachowski (James Marsden) on the road to San Francisco.

Both parties have their own motivations for going to the City by the Bay, as Sonic believes it's the only way he can escape from the evil Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey), and Tom is looking to get out of his sleepy hometown of Green Hills, Montana, to become a big city cop. As they’re headed in the same direction anyway, and Sheriff Wachowski loves to help people (and aliens) in need, they join in the car trip of a lifetime.

While one would expect an entire movie of Sonic blazing a speedy path through everything he sees, the fact that the U.S. government is tracking him down kind of prevents such a scenario from happening. It works to the benefit of the movie, as we get to know SONIC THE HEDGEHOG’s characters better, and it makes the moments we really get to see the little guy unleash all the more impressive.

Perhaps the greatest twist is that SONIC THE HEDGEHOG actually understands the video game it's adapting into a major motion picture. With Easter eggs, references and world-building that’s friendly to newcomers and Sega fanatics alike, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG takes us on a journey that doesn't alienate either half of that particular divide.

So, if you haven’t ever touched a video game console in your life, or if you keep your Sega Genesis regularly maintained on a yearly basis, this flick is going to keep your interest from beginning to end. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG is ready to supercharge audiences and blast into an action buddy comedy for all ages. The wait was truly worth it.

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG zooms into theatres today. Get your tickets now!

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