Spies in Disguise Flies High With Family-Friendly Espionage

November 14th, 2019Spies in Disguise Flies High With Family-Friendly Espionage

Spy movies can range from deadly serious and violent to adrenaline pumping, maybe silly and still violent. So, naturally, there’s not many spy movies out there you can take the whole family out to see. But with Fox’s holiday comedy SPIES IN DISGUISE, there’s a new breed of espionage that promises fun, and bird puns, for audiences of all ages.

In a teaming for the ages, this film puts Will Smith and Tom Holland together as Lance Sterling and Walter Beckett, respectively. With the former being the suavest super spy ever, and the latter a young gadget wizard with cutting-edge technology, these opposites couldn’t be any further apart.

However, they’re going to need to work together if Lance is going to survive his latest mission. You see, SPIES IN DISGUISE’s story hinges on one important accident that turns Agent Sterling into a pigeon. With no clue how to turn him back, Walter needs to figure out not only an antidote, but also how to teach Lance to be the perfect spy/bird combo.

As this is a spy movie, SPIES IN DISGUISE will definitely have the explosions, combat and quips that you’d want to see in an action-packed story of this sort. But, as this is a PG-rated film, it’ll be safe to take your entire family to see the fun unfold.

Don’t be surprised if the older moviegoers in your group find themselves laughing at SPIES IN DISGUISE, as even the trailers are soaked in Will Smith’s irrepressible brand of off-the-cuff humor. So, if your kids have happened to stumble upon a trailer for BAD BOYS FOR LIFE and liked what they saw, this movie would be a perfect substitute for those viewers who are still way too young to jump into that particular world.

Boasting an ensemble that includes Marvel Cinematic Universe star Karen Gillan, musical talents DJ Khaled and Reba McEntire, and notable character actor Ben Mendelsohn, SPIES IN DISGUISE is sure to hit all sorts of humorous notes that everyone can enjoy. Plus, how could you go wrong with a movie where a pigeon is the spy?

If you’re ready to get into some action-comedy fun this holiday season, SPIES IN DISGUISE will bring its family-friendly laughs to theatres on December 25.

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