The Last Jedi: New Sinister Image

September 6th, 2017The Last Jedi: New Sinister Image

Thus far, Lucasfilm has done a great job keeping all spoilers and story elements away from any of their marketing for The Last Jedi. That being said, we've gotten a few glimpses at Supreme Leader Snoke and his mysterious Praetorian Guards in previous promo material, and now, there's one more image that shows off their design—and plants Kylo Ren firmly on their side.

After the fantastic movie poster that was released during this years Star Wars Celebration, fans have been asking for more pictures of these characters including ones related to Supreme Leader Snoke. Recently we’ve been given some great close-ups of Snoke’s personal body guards, the Praetorian Guards.

While similar in color to Emperor Palpatine’s Royal Guards, this elite force appears more fit to fight and a threat for anyone who wishes to stand against the First Order. Thanks to Instagram user newsfromjakku, you can see the latest up close shots of Snoke and his Praetorian Guards, along with Kylo Ren. While this may or may not be fan art, it's worth noting that Force Friday is coming, so these appear to be promo art for a new toy:

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What Can We Take From This Image

The red and black coloration mixes well into the background and are the primary colors of what we’ve seen of the dark side. Having Kylo Ren at the forefront, head down and subservient, along with Snoke looming in the back gives us a better understanding of Kylo Ren’s character and where he stands in the hierarchy. We already know from The Force Awakens that Kylo Ren still has to finish his training with Snoke so it makes a great deal of sense for both of these central villains to be together in any kind of marketing material for The Last Jedi.

What’s also interesting to note here is Kylo Ren’s helmet. We assume that Ren’s helmet had been destroyed while on Starkiller Base. Also, all of the marketing including the first teaser showed Ren’s shattered helmet as well as him not wearing one. Could he have constructed a new one? Absolutely. It’s also possible that he has a whole shelf full of them. Either way, it’s nice to see Ren without his helmet because it shows the lingering bits of the boy who once trained under Luke Skywalker and was once thought to be the ‘chosen one' who has now become the dark side's most formidable weapon.

The Last Jedi hits theaters this on December 15.

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