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The Grudge Breathes New Life Into a Familiar Evil

December 20th, 2019The Grudge Breathes New Life Into a Familiar Evil

By the time the reboot THE GRUDGE hits theatres, it will have been a little over a decade since we've seen a film in the series of American remakes based on director Takashi Shimizu’s landmark franchise. As any good fan of fright will tell you though, it’s always just a matter of time before evil rears its head once again, and this retelling will reset the story for new and exciting scares.

THE GRUDGE starts off a new chain of horror for the series to engage in, as the powerful curse takes hold over one particularly spooky house that’s looking to be sold to a new and loving family. Though, as you’ll see in the trailer below, it’s not going to be easy, and it might not be advisable to even set foot in this outwardly charming starter home:

This time around, THE GRUDGE focuses on a cold case that one intrepid detective (Andrea Riseborough) is trying to solve, involving the murder of an entire family by one single mother. This brutal act seems to have haunted a house that realtor Peter Spencer (John Cho) is trying to sell. Both characters are about to find out that should you walk through the threshold of 44 Rayburn Drive, something is definitely following you home.

An interesting point to make about this new reboot of THE GRUDGE is that the series looks to be originating the curse in America for the first time. So, instead of someone traveling abroad and bringing it back with them to spread, this new vision of terror is homegrown, and it’s thanks to writer/director Nicolas Pesce.

Known for indie horror films like THE EYES OF MY MOTHER and PIERCING, Pesce was handed THE GRUDGE on the back of acclaim for those projects, and it looks like the folks at Sony couldn't have made a better choice. Not to mention, a cast that boasts notable actors like Frankie Faison, William Sadler, Demián Bichir and horror legend Lin Shaye certainly makes this new entry in the series all the more exciting to watch.

The final and perhaps most interesting thing to note with THE GRUDGE’s new lease on life is the fact that for the first time in its American theatrical history, the series will have an R-rated entry. Atmosphere still looks to rule the world of this particular franchise, no question. But with a less restrictive rating than the previous PG-13 films in the canon, it looks like things are about to get even more disturbing than before.

THE GRUDGE returns to theatres on January 3, 2020. Not only can you currently buy tickets for opening weekend, but you can also see the film that started it all back in 2004, as the Sarah Michelle Gellar–starring version of THE GRUDGE is available on AMC Theatres On Demand!

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