The Inspiration Behind Superfly

May 9th, 2018The Inspiration Behind Superfly

Quite a few great action movies are on the way in 2018. With the likes of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Mile 22, audiences have a lot of varied stories to look forward to. One we’re really excited for is SUPERFLY. The action flick hits theaters in June, with Trevor Jackson in the leading role and music video shot-caller Director X – aka Julien Christian Lutz – in the director’s chair.

SUPERFLY follows the story of a hustler named Youngblood Priest who is living it up in Atlanta. Priest seems to be on top of his game, but gets more than he bargained for when a gang with Mexican drug cartel connections arrives in town. Priest decides to retire, but not before one last criminal go-round. While the story behind SUPERFLY sounds fresh and is undeniably just right for current audiences, the movie is actually based on another film.

Superfly Is A Remake Of A ’70s Crime Drama SUPERFLY is a remake of the 1972 blaxploitation film SUPER FLY. The classic crime drama featured Ron O’Neal as Youngblood Priest, a drug dealer who sells cocaine. Priest grows tired of his dangerous lifestyle and devises a plan to get out once and for all. But it’s not that simple, and Priest ends up in a dangerous arrangement with corrupt narcotics officers.

The ’70s iteration of SUPER FLY is considered one of the first blaxploitation films and has gone down in history as a classic. Priest became O’Neal’s most notable role, and SUPER FLY was so successful that a sequel soon followed. SUPER FLY T.N.T was released in 1973. For that movie, O’Neal not only reprised his role as Priest, he also directed the movie and co-wrote the story.

In 1990 a third film in the SUPER FLY franchise hit theaters. Unlike the first two installments, THE RETURN OF SUPER FLY did not feature O’Neal in the leading role. Instead, popular soap actor Nathan Purdee stepped in as Priest. THE RETURN OF SUPER FLY received negative reviews from critics and fans. The upcoming remake marks the first time that Priest has been on screens in almost 30 years, so fans of the character have high hopes.

While there are quite a few differences between the original SUPER FLY and the upcoming remake (the slightly different title is just one minor point) the biggest change is the setting. The original SUPER FLY was set in Harlem, whereas the 2018 iteration is set in Atlanta. Judging from the trailer, the flashier setting is a far cry from the Harlem backdrop of the original, visually setting the remake apart from its predecessor. But Atlanta can be just as gritty as Harlem, and the trailer may only be showing one specific view of how the city appears in the movie.

The adjustments made to the story are good things. SUPER FLY is a classic and couldn’t possibly be replicated, so these alterations will make the new version stand out on its own merits. The revamped story not only sets the new movie apart from the ’70s classic, it offers a fresh feel for a familiar tale. The new SUPERFLY looks like a worthy update that has plenty of its own character and new surprises in store.

SUPERFLY is due out for release on June 15.

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