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The Photograph Heats Up Valentine's Day

January 17th, 2020The Photograph Heats Up Valentine's Day

We may have just started a new year, but it’s never too early to start planning ahead for Valentine’s Day. Universal seems to have had the same idea, as they’ve been promoting their latest film, THE PHOTOGRAPH, starring LITTLE's Issa Rae and UNCUT GEMS' Lakeith Stanfield. Though, judging by how this particular date movie looks so far, there’s too much heat to keep a secret for too long.

A romantic drama about the power of art and learning to love on your own terms, THE PHOTOGRAPH follows two narratives spaced out across time. In the modern day, we see Mae (Rae) dealing with the unexpected passing of her mother, Christina (Chanté Adams). Her grieving process leads her to examine photographs her mother took as a professional artist, as well as to read the accompanying letters that came with them upon their delivery.

As Mae learns more about Christina’s life and times — which play out as the other storyline in director Stella Meghie’s latest film — she also begins to fall in love with Michael (Stanfield), a journalist who's researching her mother’s career.

Now, while THE PHOTOGRAPH looks to have quite a bit of dramatic weight to it, that doesn’t stop the film from being what looks like the most romantic release of Valentine’s Day weekend. The chemistry between Issa Rae and Lakeith Stanfield is off the charts in the small glimpse we’ve gotten in the film’s trailer, and it's sure to only get hotter when the film itself is unveiled.

While THE PHOTOGRAPH promises to be the go-to date movie for this year’s love-bound festivities, there’s also a journey of the soul at work in the material. Looking through her mother’s history, Mae is trying to figure out just where her mother's personality ends and where her own begins. And it’s all in the hopes of holding onto the very real, very present love she feels for Michael.

So, whether you have a date you want to share THE PHOTOGRAPH with or you have some friends to take out for a fun evening, you’ll want to keep this movie well within your box office picture.

THE PHOTOGRAPH opens, aptly enough, directly on Valentine’s Day. So, set a reminder to make sure you don’t miss the moment you’re able to snag seats, as this movie will probably be the hot ticket of the weekend.

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