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Three Reasons to see THE WAR WITH GRANDPA!

October 7th, 2020Three Reasons to see THE WAR WITH GRANDPA!

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THE WAR WITH GRANDPA is here to provide that heartwarming and hilarious escape we’ve all been looking for! We sat down with the cast to find out the top three reasons why you need to see THE WAR WITH GRANDPA right now!

1. It’s a family comedy that provides side-splitting entertainment for all ages.

It’s always nice to find a family film that will keep everyone glued to the screen and laughing out loud. THE WAR WITH GRANDPA is one of those special movies and it has those once in a lifetime comedic scenes that will leave you talking for months to come!

For Laura Marano it was the snake scene, where Peter unleashed his friend’s pet snake on his unknowing Grandpa, that really brought down the house! “It was crazy! I felt so uncomfortable watching it and I loved every moment of it! I’m still laughing about that scene!”

For Cheech Marin it was, “When the house falls apart at the birthday party!” “It just cracked me up, and Uma had this face that twisted a thousand different ways at the same time! Her character was so angry!”

2. That cast! Robert De Niro, Uma Thurman, Laura Marano, Christopher Walken and so much more!

Christopher Walken alone is enough to provide you with hours of laughs during this family comedy, we’re talking SNL cowbell-sized hilarity here, but everyone brought their A game to THE WAR WITH GRANDPA!

Comedian Rob Riggle said the set was a non-stop laugh fest! “The set was full of fun, we had a good time we were doing bits and telling stories, it was great!”

When it came to his supporting cast Riggle was in awe! “It was exactly what you’d hope it would be, it was really cool! The actor line up on this is amazing, they are all iconic. It was really amazing, many times I just wanted to pinch myself.” “It was really cool!”

Oaks Fegley wishes he could just relive the moment! “Looking back, it’s really nice to even say I was a part of a Robert De Niro Film!” “It was defiantly intimidating, but he was just such a nice guy and humble. He really took me under his wing and I wish I could do it all over again.”

3. The Dodge Ball Scene!

We can’t stop talking about this scene and the cast couldn’t either! Peter and his Grandpa’s big shoot out is a must see on the big screen!

Jane Seymour admitted that this was her first dodgeball match, but because of her skills as a ballerina you could hardly tell. That didn’t stop her kids from giving her a bit of a hard time for not knowing about the sport. “My kids said they played dodgeball at school all the time! I said if I’d known, I wouldn’t have sent you to school!”

Cheech enjoyed the moment he could finally go after his younger castmates. “I had to hit this kid right in the breadbasket, and we did 15 or 16 takes of that, and the guy stood there no problem!”

Escape your house and go see THE WAR WITH GRANDPA at an AMC Theatre tonight!

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