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Where Have We Heard Those Spies in Disguise Before?

December 23rd, 2019Where Have We Heard Those Spies in Disguise Before?

Famous celebrities voice animated characters all of the time. Part of the fun of seeing an animated movie in theatres is guessing who the all-star source of the character's voice is. Well, we’re doing the guesswork for you when it comes to SPIES IN DISGUISE.

The animated adventure, from Blue Sky Studios and 20th Century Fox, boasts some wildly famous voices behind its top characters. And some of them are even known from the spy genre on the silver screen (especially the lead character). When you bring your kiddos to the theatres to see SPIES IN DISGUISE over the holiday break, impress the family by informing them of the famous voices behind their favorite characters, thanks to AMC.

Will Smith / Lance Sterling

He has been a member of the Men in Black, as well as half of the Bad Boys. But in animated form, Will Smith plays super spy Lance Sterling, the cartoon version of 007 who, unfortunately, gets turned into a pigeon while on a very important case.

Tom Holland / Walter Beckett

Who turns Lance Sterling into a pigeon? Well, that blame falls on Walter Beckett, who is voiced by none other than Tom Holland. The current Spider-Man got his start in the winning thriller THE IMPOSSIBLE, but his voice is 100 percent Peter Parker thanks to his work in the MCU. Speaking of, he has major MCU help in SPIES IN DISGUISE, continuing with…

Karen Gillan / Eyes

The versatile and beautiful Karen Gillan already is in theatres at the moment with JUMANJI: THE NEXT LEVEL. In SPIES IN DISGUISE, Gillan plays Eyes, a specialist who assists the secret agents in matters of quantum optical thermography. She’s joined on screen by Ears, who is voiced by the producer DJ Khaled.

Rashida Jones / Marcy Kappel

Already a stellar voice actress (Pixar’s INSIDE OUT) and a gifted comedian (NBC’s "Parks and Rec"), Rashida Jones voices Marcy Kappel in the animated spy comedy. Her character belongs to a division of internal affairs, the organization that’s always standing in the way of Lance. What will they do when he becomes a… pigeon?

Ben Mendelsohn / Killian

Ben Mendelsohn is so talented as a villain, and that’s exactly who he plays in SPIES IN DISGUISE. His Killian is a technology-based terrorist who plans to take over the world with unique drones. Can Lance and Walter stop him in time?

SPIES IN DISGUISE also features the voices of Reba McEntire, Rachel Brosnahan, Masi Oka and Carla Jimenez. Hear all of them when you get to your tickets to see SPIES IN DISGUISE at AMC!

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