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Your Guide To One Piece Film Red

October 28th, 2022Your Guide To One Piece Film Red


Anime films have been around for a long time, many of them powerful pieces of work that have hit home with audiences time and time again. Some of the most popular are often Studio Ghibli films, such as SPIRITED AWAY or HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE. Others are independent movies that have been given high critical praise, like YOUR NAME. And then there are the films that are based off of popular anime series.

For anyone who is a fan of anime, there is one that has been around for literal decades, and that is “One Piece.” And for the first time in the 2020s, a new film from the franchise, titled ONE PIECE FILM RED has been released for fans around the world to see. But for those who might be new to “One Piece,” perhaps seeing ONE PIECE FILM RED at your favorite AMC Theatre on the recommendation of one of your anime-loving friends, you might be wondering “what the heck even is it?” Today, your questions will be answered.

What Is One Piece Film Red?

For those who might be wondering exactly what ONE PIECE FILM RED is about, the plotline is fairly simple. In this movie, we follow Luffy, the main character of “One Piece,” who is attending a concert with his band of pirates, called the Straw Hats. They are seeing a singer called Uta, a young woman who had long hidden her identity, but at this concert, she decides to expose who she truly is to the world.

However, at this concert, when her identity is revealed, Luffy finds out that Uta is actually someone he used to know – a childhood friend of his – and that she is actually close to one of his idols, the Red-Haired Shanks, otherwise known as Shanks.

For anyone who is seeing the film and knows nothing about the anime, ONE PIECE FILM RED is the kind of movie that anyone can get behind, a simple tale about friendship and the power to overcome anything, but also adding a valuable story onto a character that is mysterious to begin with. For those who do know the anime series, you’ll surely appreciate how impactful it is to learn more about Shanks’ story.

This isn’t the first film in the “One Piece” franchise. It’s actually the fifteenth, considering “One Piece” has been going on for 1,000+ episodes, at the level of other shows like “Pokemon.” If you’re wondering what the original series is about, the basic premise of the original show mainly follows Monkey D. Luffy, a boy who has incredible powers and wishes to explore the world and find the legendary “one piece,” a mythical treasure that he was once introduced to through his idol, the Red-Haired Shanks, a powerful pirate. Now, Luffy intends to have his own crew of pirates and become the King of the Pirates himself.

The movie, ONE PIECE FILM RED uses several of the characters from the original anime, but for the sake of simplifying, you really only need to know three, as those are whom the film follows.

Who Are The Characters?

The world of “One Piece” is so vast and full of amazingly detailed and creative people, but for ONE PIECE FILM RED, there are three main characters.

The first is Luffy, as mentioned before. He is made of rubber, and has been the main protagonist of the anime since the beginning. His laugh is quite plainly one of the most iconic in anime. Ask anyone who has seen the show.

The second character you want to keep an eye out for is Red-Haired Shanks, otherwise known as Shanks, Luffy’s idol, and someone who has played a pivotal role in the anime for years on end, and the person we find out more about in the film

The last you should know about is Uta, as mentioned before, the famous singer whose identity is revealed during a concert that Luffy and his Straw Hat pirates are attending. The plot of the film really revolves around her, and the history behind who she is, as well as her connection to Luffy and Red-Haired Shanks.

How Does The Film Connect To The Anime?

ONE PIECE FILM RED offers something very important that is rarely done in the actual show – the expansion of Shanks’ backstory.

The fans of “One Piece” have been given breadcrumbs on who exactly he is after all this time – and that’s after a thousand episodes. The fact that people who enjoy the show are going to get a whole movie that will deliver information that they never knew about the character as a whole is exciting.

While the movie itself doesn’t follow the exact current storyline of the show, ONE PIECE FILM RED provides significant information as to who Shanks really is – and with that in mind, this information can be used for the story going forward to further expand relationships.

Whether this is your first anime film ever, or your hundredth, hopefully this guide helped just a little to understand what you’re getting into as you head to AMC Theatres to catch the movie. And for fans of the series, you can sit back in your seat and fully enjoy every ounce of story.


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