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5 Big Questions We Have After the Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer

December 16th, 20195 Big Questions We Have After the Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer

We still have a good amount of time to wait for the release of WONDER WOMAN 1984, with the film not set to hit theatres until June 2020, but our anticipation is at an extreme high right now. The first trailer for the DC Comics feature dropped last week and gave us a fantastic look at the new movie.

That being said, the footage worked to create a particular air of mystery surrounding the blockbuster, and there are some vague elements of the trailer that have us scratching our heads. Let’s dive into the big questions that we have after getting our first look at WONDER WOMAN 1984.

How is Steve Trevor back?

Steve Trevor WONDER WOMAN 1984

Chris Pine is back as part of the cast, but we’re not quite sure how.

Fans will not be quick to forget the dramatic and beautiful sacrifice made by Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor in the first WONDER WOMAN, ultimately allowing Diana the opportunity to save thousands (if not millions) of lives and put an end to World War I. That in mind, how is he not only alive in 1984, but still the same age he was back in 1918? Did he somehow get resurrected? Is he imaginary? Is he a shape-shifter in disguise? The uncertainty around his character is easily one of the most exciting elements of WONDER WOMAN 1984.

Will Cheetah be going full cat mode?

Cheetah WONDER WOMAN 1984

Cheetah doesn’t exactly look like the Cheetah we know.

It’s clear that the classic villain Barbara Ann Minerva will be a bit different from the source material in WONDER WOMAN 1984, specifically in that the Kristen Wiig character will start the movie as a friend of Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince. But one element of the role we’re still curious about is the transformation that she will be going through. The trailer footage shows that she will be undergoing a bit of a change, from nerdy introvert to vivacious extrovert, but is the film planning to take the extra step and turn her into Cheetah from the comics? This trailer didn’t tell us, but perhaps a future one will.

What is Maxwell Lord’s big plan?

Maxwell Lord WONDER WOMAN 1984

He’s clearly the film’s big bad, but what is his aim?

Played by Pedro Pascal, Maxwell Lord is being depicted as an ‘80s era king of infomercials in WONDER WOMAN 1984, promising prospective clients that they can have anything that they want with his services. Given that he is a classic comic book antagonist, we suspect there must be some kind of sinister intentions behind his actions, but exactly what they are remains a mystery for right now. What does he have to gain from giving people everything that they want? There is a line where he says he will "take what [he wants] in return," but what does that really mean?

What is the crystal that Maxwell Lord is holding?

Maxwell Lord WONDER WOMAN 1984

Does Maxwell Lord have a bit of magic on his side?

One of the most mysterious shots of the WONDER WOMAN 1984 trailer features a distressed Maxwell Lord sitting at his desk intently gazing into some kind of crystal or rock formation, which we have to assume is somehow linked to his grand, surreptitious plan. But what exactly is it? Is it a magical device that imbues certain powers or abilities? Is he using it to communicate with someone? Or perhaps does it belong to someone even more powerful than he? We imagine it’s a pretty important object given the way it’s being teased.

Where does Wonder Woman get her new armor?


The golden eagle armor is awesome, but where did it come from?

One of the final beats in the WONDER WOMAN 1984 trailer reveals that the titular heroine will sport a brand-new uniform in the movie, namely the golden eagle armor first created and designed by writer Mark Waid and illustrator Alex Ross. As cool as it looks, however, we do find ourselves asking where it actually came from. Did Wonder Woman possibly construct it herself, perhaps with help from an associate? Or does it somehow link her back to Themyscira, the homeland she left about 70 years prior?

We can’t wait to have all of these questions and more answered when WONDER WOMAN 1984 arrives in theatres on June 5, 2020. Check back for updates and tickets!

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