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Angel Has Fallen Wants to End Your Summer With a Bang

July 13th, 2019Angel Has Fallen Wants to End Your Summer With a Bang

There’s still some time left in the summer movie season, but it’s getting to that point where you'll want to plan those last couple of movies before fall brings more serious and sobering experiences to the big screen. While there’s a lot of obvious options that are going to try and bring the summer to a nice, big close, ANGEL HAS FALLEN is going out of its way to end your summer movie season with a bang.

The second sequel to the series that started with 2013’s OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN, and continued with 2016’s LONDON HAS FALLEN, ANGEL HAS FALLEN sees Gerard Butler returning as the seemingly indestructible Secret Service agent Mike Banning. Now serving under President Allan Trumbull, also reprised by fellow FALLEN series vet Morgan Freeman, Banning finds himself being framed after an attempt on the commander-in-chief’s life.

Of course, Banning escapes from police custody and begins a campaign to clear his name in the most destructive and explosive way possible. And seeing as ANGEL HAS FALLEN is a Gerard Butler movie, expect a lot of one-liners that drop perfectly like a needle on a record.

It’s hard not to be excited for a film like ANGEL HAS FALLEN, especially when it looks like so much fun is headed our way. Adding in a cast that includes Morgan Freeman, Jada Pinkett Smith and Nick Nolte as Mike Banning’s survivalist dad is just another way that this movie shows it means business.

But let’s talk about the action scenes for a moment. We see in the ANGEL HAS FALLEN trailer that Mike Banning not only pulls a move out of THE FUGITIVE and escapes federal custody, but he does so by causing the accident that frees him! Also, despite the charges against him as a conspirator to kill the president, Gerard Butler’s character pulls off some impressive moves to save him.

If it shoots, crashes or explodes, there’s a good chance you’re going to see it happen in ANGEL HAS FALLEN, and it has every right to be that way. Three movies deep in a series that’s constantly finding a new way to bring extreme action to the big screen, it’s getting to the point where if it’s not larger than life, it deserves to be on the cutting room floor. So far, from where we’re standing, it looks like this just might be a blast of action we’ll be happy to end the summer with.

ANGEL HAS FALLEN opens on August 23 — check back at AMC soon for tickets.

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