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Aquaman and Orm Join Forces

November 11th, 2023Aquaman and Orm Join Forces


In many of the most exciting and acclaimed comic book movies in recent memory, the stories have revolved around superheroes teaming up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – such as in each AVENGERS movie – as well as a few DC Comics adaptations like ZACK SNYDER’S JUSTICE LEAGUE or THE FLASH from 2023. However, sometimes, it is even more interesting when a superhero faces a threat so challenging that they have no other choice but to join forces with a supervillain. The latest blockbuster to incorporate such a subversive dynamic is AQUAMAN AND THE LOST KINGDOM.

The 2023 comic book movie, now playing at AMC Theatres, is director James Wan’s long-awaited follow-up to his $1 billion hit, and the highest-grossing DC movie on record, 2018’s AQUAMAN. The highly anticipated sequel sees the return of the baddest aquatic superhero who is struggling to balance ruling the underwater city of Atlantis with helping protect the rest of the world as a Justice League member and being a father to his newborn child when an old enemy re-emerges. In order to defeat this threat, Aquman must form an unlikely alliance with someone who once posed a threat to him – his own brother. Learn what we know about this team-up in our guide below.

Enemies Unite

In AQUAMAN, we learn the origins of Arthur Curry – who was born to a human land-dweller named Tom (played by Temeura Morrison) and Atlanna (Academy AwardⓇ winner Nicole Kidman), the Queen of Atlantis, after he found her washed ashore and the unlikely pair fell for each other. After Atlanna left her lover and son in order to protect them, she bore another child named Orm, who would grow up to assume the throne and – under the impression that his mother was dead – sought to unite all seven underwater kingdoms and wage war on those above the surface. As a natural-born land-dweller, Arthur takes issue with this and eventually succeeds in defeating him with help from the Trident of Atlan, usurping the throne.

In AQUAMAN AND THE LOST KINGDOM, the people of Atlantis and everything that Arthur holds dear are under attack from an enemy on a personal mission of revenge against the king. Even a superhero as powerful as him cannot stop this villain alone and must call on the help of the last person who wants to see him, Orm, whom Arthur must secretly break out of prison. Driven by his commitment to the kingdom, despite losing the throne, Orm agrees to form a partnership with his half-brother that is sure to make waves.

Jason Momoa And Patrick Wilson Return

Reprising their roles from the 2018 AQUAMAN cast to breathe life into this exciting team-up of Arthur and Orm are Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson. AQUAMAN AND THE LOST KINGDOM will mark the eighth time Momoa has played the character he helped revitalize. This includes his brief cameos in 2016’s BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, THE LEGO MOVIE 2: THE SECOND PART from 2019, the Max TV show “Peacemaker,” and a post-credit scene in THE FLASH.

Orm – also known in the comics as “Ocean Master” – is actually the second DC character whom Wilson has brought to life on the big screen. He previously starred in director Zach Snyder’s WATCHMEN as Dan Dreiberg, who rediscovers his vigilante alter ego, Nite Owl, in the 2009 adaptation of Alan Moore’s seminal graphic novel. AQUAMAN AND THE LOST KINGDOM is also the Emmy nominee’s latest collaboration with James Wan, who directed him in the first two INSIDIOUS movies, and as paranormal investigator Ed Warren in 2013’s THE CONJURING and its first direct sequel from 2016.

Aquaman And Orm Fight Black Manta

It is safe to say that Arthur is up against a truly fierce and challenging threat if he is driven to enlist the help of the half-brother he overthrew and imprisoned. Said threat is the dastardly return of David Kane – who now goes by Black Manta – who is continuing his goal to avenge the death of his father by destroying Aquaman and his kingdom, but is now a more powerful force to be reckoned as he has become equipped with the mystical Black Trident. Kane previously formed an alliance against Arthur with Orm in AQUAMAN, so to see them on opposing sides in the sequel should lead to some intriguing moments of conflict.

Also coming back to reprise the role of Black Manta in the AQUAMAN AND THE LOST KINGDOM cast is Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. Like Wilson, Abdul-Mateen also has an additional DC Comics role under his belt that just so happens to be another character from “Watchmen.” He earned an Emmy Award for his performance as Cal Abar – an alias of the nigh-omnipotent Dr. Manhattan – in developer Damon Lindelof’s acclaimed HBO limited series that served as a continuation of the original graphic novel in 2019.

As James Gunn and Peter Safran plan to change things up with a new shared universe of DC movies, it looks like AQUAMAN AND THE LOST KINGDOM could be the last fans will see of the DC Extended Universe on the big screen. If that is the case, at least the franchise is going out with bang by bringing rivals like Arthur and Orm together. Watch this unlikely duo save the day together when the sequel comes to an AMC Theatres location near you!


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