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How The Avengers Will Re-Assemble

December 4th, 2017How The Avengers Will Re-Assemble

Avengers: Infinity War is easily one of the most anticipated films of all time. As the culmination of a decade's worth of hard work by Marvel Studios, the mega MCU film has fans from every part of the world excited for its release. The first epic trailer indicates that the movie will be Marvel's biggest film to date. So its easy to see why fans would be re-watching the trailer again and again, trying to learn all that they can about the film. And thanks to the efforts of some eagle-eyed fans, we may have found the first major Easter Egg from the trailer: A callback to Marvel's Captain America: Civil War.

Call Me Maybe

Despite Captain America not leaving Iron Man on the best of terms in Civil War, Cap did leave behind a way to contact him if Tony ever felt the need to, in the form of a phone with only one number in the address book.

Based on a scene from the Infinity War trailer, which shows Stark clutching that very same phone, Iron Man may have decided that it was time to mend fences with the Captain.

While its no surprise that the two would align in a time of crisis to save the world, many believed it would have been circumstance rather than choice which would have lead to their reunion. But there really is something amazing about Tony Stark calling to ask for Steve Rogers' help, even after all they've been through, and goes to show the character growth of Stark since the first Iron Man film.

Of course, it may very well be that the phone is some other phone, and not the one Steve gave him. That said, it's hard to picture Tony Stark carrying around a device so archaic and despite this just being speculation, it does feel like that this phone is an Easter Egg.

Needless to say, if this is the way the two Superheroes will connect, then Infinity War, will certainly be bringing some emotion into the action packed film.

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