Bullet Train Is Exhilarating And Fast-Paced

August 3rd, 2022Bullet Train Is Exhilarating And Fast-Paced


There are plenty of action movies that have come and gone over the last couple of years, but BULLET TRAIN is a return to form for what a summer blockbuster can be. Directed by David Leitch, who also directed the hit action films ATOMIC BLONDE and DEADPOOL 2, this movie is exactly what you would expect it to be - fast-paced, exhilarating, and a good time, all based on a book by Kōtarō Isaka.

Highly anticipated, thanks in part to the thrilling trailers, this non-stop action-packed movie offers impeccable action scenes with comedic flair sprinkled throughout. From its star-studded cast to its high thrills to the twists and turns that come as the movie progresses, this is a film that you won’t be able to turn away from - and one you should definitely take the time out to go see at your local AMC theatre.

The Cast Is Electric

Starring Brad Pitt, BULLET TRAIN follows the story of Ladybug, an American assassin who has a bit of a bad luck problem, but is taking on a mission that involves boarding a train from Tokyo to Kyoto and snatching a metal briefcase.

However, what Ladybug isn’t expecting is the fact that there are several other assassins on this train from all different regions of the world - all with different motivations and goals. And as the trip progresses, things just get bloodier and more out of hand, and Ladybug somehow has to find a way to not get killed - despite everyone else trying their hardest to kill him.

Brad Pitt is electric in this role, with some slick action sequences and some humor to boot, but BULLET TRAIN is filled to the brim with star power, such as “Atlanta” stars, Brian Tyree Henry and Zazie Beetz, in the roles of Lemon and Hornet. There’s also Aaron Taylor-Johnson, known for his roles in movies such as AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON and GODZILLA, who stars as Tangerine, the partner to Lemon.

Among the other stars of this movie are Joey King, Andrew Koji, Hiroyuki Sanada, Michael Shannon, Benito A. Martinez Ocasio (otherwise known as “Bad Bunny” in the music industry), Sandra Bullock and more.

Expect Awesome Fight Sequences

If you’re looking for skilled action sequences, look no further than BULLET TRAIN, as you will be cheering on these fight sequences from your seat in the theatre. BULLET TRAIN wastes no time in throwing you right into the action with its fight sequences, which are skillfully choreographed and move at such a fast pace that there’s no chance that you’ll be bored for a single second.

Think movies such as KILL BILL, THE MATRIX, or, maybe even JOHN WICK (which was co-directed by David Leitch). Just like these action movies, BULLET TRAIN features some of the best fight sequences that have graced the big screen screen in years, with special moments that will blow your mind. Some of the ways in which people fight are impressive in their creativity with the use of props around the train – like a glass water bottle or the aforementioned metal briefcase – so you’ll be entertained from the first battle to the last.

This Movie Is A Train That Never Stops Moving

While the train in the film does have stops to make, the movie itself never stops moving. Bullet trains travel at incredibly fast speeds and are used as a means of public transportation in Japan. BULLET TRAIN mainly takes place on the titular vehicle, and with this setting, the audience is taken on a journey that is energetic and fun.

This film goes from fight to fight, comedic beat to beat, and plot twist to plot twist, so quickly that you won’t even realize that two hours have gone by once the end credits roll. BULLET TRAIN is one of those films where you think you have an idea of where it’s going, and then it flips the story around, making it so much fun to watch and wrap your brain around as the train nears its final stop.

You will laugh, you will cheer, and you will be entertained by BULLET TRAIN. No matter how many action movies you may have seen before, BULLET TRAIN is one of a kind. It’s witty, gritty, and a hell of a good time, and you’ll walk out of your AMC theatre with a giddy grin on your face.


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