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Charlie’s Angels: Why a Feminist Reboot Is Exactly What the Franchise Needs

October 23rd, 2019Charlie’s Angels: Why a Feminist Reboot Is Exactly What the Franchise Needs

This November marks a momentous occasion for the CHARLIE’S ANGELS franchise. With writer/director Elizabeth Banks crafting a brand-new feminist reboot that updates the series to the modern world of today, there’s a lot of potential for this new film to put what started as a fixture of '70s TV back on the map of pop culture.

It couldn’t have happened at a better time either, as this new entry in the world of CHARLIE’S ANGELS is exactly what the series could use. And it’s beneficial to the legacy of the original series created by Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts for a handful of reasons.

A Feminist Reboot Makes This Charlie’s Angels Movie More Accessible

Whether you’re a dyed-in-the-wool fan or a newbie to the world of CHARLIE’S ANGELS, the property has always felt a little bit dated. While there’s always been a component to the franchise that’s aimed for female empowerment, other pieces to the puzzle would undermine that overall goal. Be it the skills the Angels possessed, the costumes they wore or even some of the ridiculous positions they’d be put in during their mission, some pieces of the formula stuck out more than others.

So, with the clear goal of truly bringing empowerment to the CHARLIE’S ANGELS of today, and with Elizabeth Banks already delivering hits of a similar tenor with the last two PITCH PERFECT sequels, this time out feels like it’s lighthearted, but with more of an edge. Modern audiences will be able to take this film more seriously, while at the same time having fun in the way that CHARLIE’S ANGELS fans are accustomed to doing.

Elizabeth Banks’ Entry Honors Charlie’s Angels Canon While Modernizing It

With a “fight smarter, not harder” approach to her version of CHARLIE’S ANGELS, Elizabeth Banks might be presumed to be forgetting about the long history of the series she’s lending her talents to. That’s far from the actual truth, though, as Banks has admitted that not only are the TV series and the previous films canon, but her CHARLIE’S ANGELS is about to expand the Townsend Agency to the next level.

Rather than discarding the past in aim of something new, Banks is rejuvenating the franchise with her fresh brand of feminism. Sure, she’s making some changes and giving stars Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska, and Kristen Stewart a new playground. But if you’re a fan of either of the previous incarnations of the Angels, you’ll still be able to cherish those memories while taking a brand new-ride to enjoy.

Charlie’s Angels Possibly Has Its Most Diverse Team in This Reboot

Speaking of the film’s new team, CHARLIE’S ANGELS has one of the most diverse team of actors to ever be included in the series’ history. This changes the usually static lineups in the history of CHARLIE’S ANGELS’ past. Ella Balinska, Naomi Scott and Kristen Stewart each bring something new and exciting to the table, and the diversity doesn’t stop with the Angels.

CHARLIE’S ANGELS actually has three different Bosleys known to us thus far. Again, a bigger Townsend Agency calls for more teams... and more handlers. Elizabeth Banks herself is one of the new actors to call themselves Bosley, and alongside her are both Djimon Hounsou and Sir Patrick Stewart as two other agents who go by the same handle. Bigger, in this case, definitely means better.

The Original Purpose of Charlie’s Angels Is Finally Fulfilled

When CHARLIE’S ANGELS was created back in the 1970s, it felt that the intention was to actually give audiences a trio of women that was supposed to represent the advancement of female empowerment. Sadly, that message did get lost despite the best intentions, and even the film series had its fair share of drawbacks when trying to accomplish the same goal. So, having a new CHARLIE’S ANGELS film with a clear focus on trying to right those wrongs seems to bring the series full circle.

The franchise has always wanted to be a source of inspiration for the plight of women in society, and now Elizabeth Banks gets to fulfill that purpose with her version of CHARLIE’S ANGELS. There’s certainly a level of seduction and flirting that’ll be involved with the mission of these three new Angels, but on all accounts, it doesn’t look like anything demeaning and all in the name of the mission. Also, the skills of this new team look absolutely killer.

The Modern Generation of Women Need a Version of Charlie’s Angels to Call Their Own

Quite frankly, the world is overdue for a modern, feminist reboot of CHARLIE’S ANGELS. Each generation has had its ups and downs when it comes to this storied franchise, but there’s always been an air of progress with each new turn the wheel has taken. With its most progressive and most explosive angles yet, Elizabeth Banks' CHARLIE'S ANGELS has given Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinska and Naomi Scott a chance to shine in this legendary property.

In turn, Banks has also given the latest generation of women something to call their own. The push toward equality is far from over, and as such, fictional representations of women need to evolve along with the times we live in. CHARLIE’S ANGELS symbolizes the next move in this cultural shift toward parity, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

If you’re ready to fly with the Angels, then don’t miss CHARLIE’S ANGELS when it opens in theatres on November 15. Advanced tickets are now on sale on the AMC website, and there’s even a special Girls’ Night Out screening, where you and your friends can see the film early on November 12. Get to it, Angels!

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