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High Heels are the Weapon of Choice

July 19th, 2017High Heels are the Weapon of Choice

In a few short weeks, Charlize Theron’s spy thriller Atomic Blonde will grace theater screens worldwide. In the meantime, new clips — or "chapters" — from the movie have been released to ease our wait.

So far we’ve witnessed Theron’s character Lorraine Broughton attack bad guys in a kitchen and make out with Sofia Boutella in a neon-lit nightclub. The third and latest Atomic chapter, titled "Major Tom" after German singer Peter Schilling’s chart-topping song from the '80s, features our leading lady in a high-octane car fight. With high heels her weapon of choice, can Lorraine be any more badass? Check out the footage below:

The scene features very little dialogue from Lorraine, proving that her cold exterior could be one of the most intriguing parts of the movie. Also, you can't help but notice how intricate her fighting style is. She is an MI6 spy, after all. In an interview with W magazine, Theron explained the technicality of her epic Atomic Blonde fights:

With Lorraine, we talked a lot about, ‘What would it be like if a girl was really fighting these big guys?’ [Director] David Leitch was so specific about knowing that a girl would never punch with her wrist, or her wrist would break. She would use her elbows. Or her knees. He designed the fights around what my strengths would be. And we made sure that we showed the impact of the hits that she took. We wanted the audience to feel the pain.

Based on "Major Tom," it's safe to say that Theron and Leitch will succeed in imparting the feeling of pain to Atomic Blonde's audience. It felt like we were in the back seat with Lorraine, hanging on for dear life as the car flipped over.

We also meet David Percival, Lorraine's international contact, who is played by James McAvoy. It appears that he'll be bringing the perfect amount of levity to the film, with his charm balancing out Lorraine's stoicism.

Atomic Blonde breaks into theaters on July 28.

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