Could Bad Boys for Life Lead to a Bigger Cinematic Universe?

January 6th, 2020Could Bad Boys for Life Lead to a Bigger Cinematic Universe?

There are some moments in the trailer for BAD BOYS FOR LIFE that might take fans by surprise — namely, those segments where Martin Lawrence’s Marcus Burnett and Will Smith’s Mike Lowery talk about the big "R" word: "retirement."

Considering the plans for continuing the BAD BOYS franchise originally involved two films that would see the iconic law enforcement duo back on the streets of Miami, it was more than a little shocking to think that just as they returned, they might as easily leave the scene. Of course, that was before BAD BOYS FOR LIFE showcased one of the coolest additions to its cinematic universe, one that could totally keep the party going for quite some time: the AMMO team.

A group of younger cops who are more millennial than Willennial, the AMMO team is comprised of fiery young talent, with actors Alexander Ludwig, Charles Melton, Paola Núñez and Vanessa Hudgens forming the notable team of assets BAD BOYS FOR LIFE has to use in its new fight on crime.

Now, obviously, the story of old school versus new school is something that movies like this love to thrive on for conflict and comedy. However, if Martin Lawrence’s Marcus is really ready to retire and Will Smith’s Mike isn’t, teaming one of the OGs with the AMMO team is an option that could keep the mainline BAD BOYS series moving forward.

Also, if there’s a surprise twist where Mike retires as well, BAD BOYS FOR LIFE would be the ultimate passing of the baton from the initial duo of destruction and due process to the next generation of firepower, which would probably mean that future cameos and supporting roles wouldn’t be out of the picture.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time the BAD BOYS universe found itself branching out, as the Spectrum Original "L.A.’s Finest" started airing last year. With Gabrielle Union’s BAD BOYS II character, Detective Lieutenant Sydney Burnett, and Jessica Alba’s newcomer, Detective Lieutenant Nancy McKenna, in the leads, the TV show brings the same spirit of protection to another coast.

With all of this activity in the universe that brought us Mike and Marcus’ exploits to the big screen twice before, BAD BOYS FOR LIFE may be the crucial movie that sets things up for even bigger and more exciting adventures. So, no matter who sticks around, retires or just runs out for a quick walk, this franchise will be more than properly covered.

BAD BOYS FOR LIFE opens on January 17, so don't forget to set a reminder for when tickets go on sale!

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