Could Last Christmas Become Our Latest Holiday Staple?

October 25th, 2019Could Last Christmas Become Our Latest Holiday Staple?

There’s something about the Christmas holiday that translates to warm and tingly glows at the movie theatres. Ever since IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE and MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET, Hollywood has used Christmas as a backdrop for some memorable, funny, romantic and tearjerking movies that we like to revisit each year. And it looks like Paul Feig is cooking up a new one with the upcoming relationship story, LAST CHRISTMAS.

Tickets for LAST CHRISTMAS are on sale as we speak. The movie, directed by Paul Feig, will use the music of George Michael to tell the charming, age-old tale of “boy meets girl.” The boy, in this case, is the disarmingly perfect Tom (played by Henry Golding of CRAZY RICH ASIANS and Feig’s own A SIMPLE FAVOR). The girl is the disheveled and socially challenged Kate (Emilia Clarke of “Game of Thrones” fame). They meet, and flirt, and their relationships take turns.

Want to know how? Maybe go listen to the George Michael song that gives the movie its title.

Everything about LAST CHRISTMAS looks entertaining, from the chemistry between the leads to the dramatic surprises that Paul Feig has hiding up his sleeve. The director is best known for handling comedies with Melissa McCarthy (think BRIDESMAIDS and SPY). But he’s adept at tugging at our heartstrings, and LAST CHRISTMAS looks like it might be going down that road.

The reason we think LAST CHRISTMAS could find its way into our annual Christmas-movie rotation is because it reminds us, on a surface level, of movies like ELF, THE HOLIDAY and FOUR CHRISTMASES, while also maintaining a sarcastic core that can be found at the heart of one of the best Christmas movies of all time, LOVE ACTUALLY. Paul Feig casting Emma Thompson in a supporting role for LAST CHRISTMAS feels like a direct nod to LOVE ACTUALLY, so we are anxious to see if that is the reference point for what looks like an emotionally rewarding night at the movies.

LAST CHRISTMAS will start putting you in a festive mood beginning on November 8. As we mentioned, tickets for LAST CHRISTMAS are currently on sale, so make sure you get your preferred seat at your favorite AMC by buying them today.

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