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Kicking Off Summer With Romance, Comedy And Celine Dion

May 4th, 2023Kicking Off Summer With Romance, Comedy And Celine Dion

LOVE AGAIN opens May 5th

The summer movie season at AMC Theatres is certainly looking to be an epic one based on all the most highly anticipated movies releasing in 2023. In addition to the thrilling and chilling horror films and many exciting comic book adaptations well on their way, one of the first big, star-studded releases is a movie perfect for audiences who enjoy romance and the music of Celine Dion, called LOVE AGAIN.

From screenwriter and director Jim Strouse – also known for the 2007 John Cusack-led drama GRACE IS GONE – this English-language adaptation of the 2016 German rom-com, SMS FÜR DICH (which translates to TEXT FOR YOU), is a tale of rediscovering the joys of life and one’s faith in love in the wake of tragedy. If this feel-good dramedy – coming to AMC Theatres on Friday, May 5th – sounds right up your alley, check out our guide to all the essential, spoiler-free things you should know before you see LOVE AGAIN, starting with a deeper look at the central plot.

An Unexpected Romance

LOVE AGAIN is the story of a children’s book author and illustrator named Mira Ray, who is still struggling to move on from the sudden death of her boyfriend, John, after two years. Seeking a way to cope with the loss, she begins sending text messages to his cell phone – professing her loneliness in his absence or giving him simple updates about her life – and it seems to be just what she needs to fill the void.

Little does Mira know that John’s number has been reassigned to the new work phone of a journalist named Rob, who has been struggling with a heartbreak of his own after being left by his fiancée. Yet, the words that this strange woman unwittingly sends him begin to inspire him to change his cynical views on romance and convinces him that he may even be falling for her. His pursuit to meet this mystery woman in person leads them both down a much-needed, unexpected path.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas And Sam Heughan Lead

Starring as Mira in LOVE AGAIN marks a change of pace for Priyanka Chopra Jonas as the 2000 Miss World pageant winner is better known for action movies like THE MATRIX RESURRECTIONS, but did poke fun at rom-coms with a supporting role in 2019’s ISN’T IT ROMANTIC. However, Sam Heughan – who plays Rob – is no stranger to romantic roles, being the co-lead of one of the most romantic drama series on television, “Outlander.”

The LOVE AGAIN cast also features English actor Sofia Barclay – whom some may recognize from Season 2 of “Ted Lasso” – as Mira’s sister, Suzy, along with Russell Tovey from the most recent season of “American Horror Story” and Lydia West from Netflix’s “Inside Man” as Rob’s co-workers, Billy and Lisa, respectively. Arinzé Kene, from Amazon’s I AM YOUR WOMAN, plays Mira’s late lover, John, and Chopra Jonas’ real-life husband, actor and musician Nick Jonas, makes a special appearance.

Celine Dion As Herself

While not the central lead, easily the biggest star in the LOVE AGAIN cast is Grammy-winning songstress, Celine Dion, making her acting debut in the rom-com as herself. However, this is not just another brief celebrity cameo as the Canadian icon is a major character, playing a pivotal role in Mira and Rob’s love story.

In addition to playing herself in the movie, Dion also wrote new music for the film, such as the titular theme song, “Love Again.” Yet, the soundtrack also includes many of her previous chart-topping classics, especially “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now.”

If you’re someone who can appreciate the power of love in a romantic movie, you may find LOVE AGAIN is hard to resist. See it with a friend or a significant other, or maybe you’ll want to see it all by yourself when it comes to an AMC Theatres location near you.

LOVE AGAIN opens May 5th

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