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DUNE is a Cinematic Experience in IMAX

October 22nd, 2021DUNE is a Cinematic Experience in IMAX

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Immerse yourself in the epic story of DUNE, a cinematic experience from visionary director Denis Villeneuve. DUNE features over an hour of sequences shot with IMAX® cameras that will visually expand to fill the screen and combined with next generation precision sound, audiences will experience the scale, beauty and untamed power of Arrakis.

Intense and Emotional Journey

IMAX takes you beyond the edge of your seat and into a world you've never imagined, allowing us to be immersed into the sand dunes and feel the deep emotion of the inhabitants of Arrakis. Villeneuve’s emotional scale can only be felt on the big screen showing us the impassioned weight of a single tear or the pain of an aged warrior preparing for battle. If you aren’t seeing DUNE in IMAX, you aren’t seeing the whole journey.

Epic Score

Hans Zimmer elevates the action of DUNE with a score set to rival his work from THE DARK KNIGHT. The heart-pounding precision audio and unique auditorium design of IMAX set the tone, while the music and score create an intense rhythm and pulse for the film. Zimmer’s score surrounds you, taking advantage of every moment to pull your heart strings and push you further into excitement that you can only feel in IMAX.

Epic Landscapes and Sandworms

DUNE sequences shot with IMAX cameras will visually expand Arrakis with unprecedented crispness and clarity making you feel like you could step through the screen and onto another planet. You need no other reason to visit this strange new world than the 26% more picture that IMAX delivers, that’s right, that means 26% more sandworms and there is nothing more we could ask for!

Transport yourself to planet Arrakis and put yourself in the battle between House Atreides and House Harkonnen with IMAX.

Get Tickets DUNE is now playing

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