Elizabeth Banks Wants to Honor the Legacy of Charlie’s Angels

November 15th, 2019Elizabeth Banks Wants to Honor the Legacy of Charlie’s Angels

To some, it’s a television show that we watched while growing up. To others, it’s an action vehicle for Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz. But to Elizabeth Banks, CHARLIE’S ANGELS represents a whole lot more.

"Who hasn't done the pose and the idea that these women were beauties with brains, who were kicking butt in an industry doing a job that was traditionally done by men. It was very revolutionary, and I felt like we needed to remind people, even today, that women's opportunities and what they're capable of, the sky's the limit. That's the point," Banks recently said on "Good Morning America" while promoting her upcoming film, CHARLIE’S ANGELS.

Banks stars in the film, playing the legendary team leader Bosley. She also gets behind the camera and directs, and most everyone agrees that having a female director gives CHARLIE’S ANGELS a leg up on any competition. It’s the ideal hire for what looks like a very fun evening at the movies.

The new CHARLIE’S ANGELS passes the action baton to Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska. They’re highly trained fighting machines who must embark on a global adventure to stop various threats. Only, Banks has upped the game by introducing multiple Bosleys in different corners of the planet. Look for Sir Patrick Stewart and Djimon Hounsou as other Bosleys… possibly with other Angels?

Banks knows that her younger Angels come at the series from a different angle and not necessarily from the TV series that gave the story life.

"They were big fans of the movies that Drew Barrymore made with Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu which are also completely iconic and incredible," Banks said. "We took a lot of inspiration from all of it — from everything that came before, and I feel like as a filmmaker, as a feminist, as a woman, I'm standing on the shoulders of all the women that came before me in my industry and this movie is really about that."

And that’s what CHARLIE’S ANGELS can be: a call to action and a tribute to the legacy of the series.

"These Angels stand on the shoulders of the Angels that came before them and so, we honor that in the movie," Banks concluded.

See how Elizabeth Banks and her cast honors the franchise. Get your tickets to CHARLIE’S ANGELS, now playing at AMC.

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