You Know the Deal. See THE SUICIDE SQUAD in IMAX

August 5th, 2021You Know the Deal. See THE SUICIDE SQUAD in IMAX

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From the expansive and elaborate characters in Task Force X to the largest constructed set in history of Warner Brothers Studio, we have three reasons why you need to see THE SUICIDE SQUAD in all of it's glory in the immersive IMAX experience.

Vibrant & Eccentric Characters

Task Force X is comprised of an expansive group of eccentric supervillains, who are as unique and vibrant as their costumes. Joining fan favorite Harley Quinn and Colonel Rick Flag are Peacemaker, Polka-Dot Man, Savant, Javelin, Weasel and King Shark just to name a few. To take in all of their unique costumes and to appreciate their nutty personalities, you need to experience THE SUICIDE SQUAD with the clarity and precision of IMAX.

The Gunn Soundtrack

Comic book fans have become accustomed to the incredible soundtracks that James Gunn has incorporated in the Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy movies, using classic 70's rock anthems to set the tone and push his stories forward. Gunn has assmebled another great soundtrack for THE SUICIDE SQUAD that is as important of an element in the movie, as the characters in Task Force X. As the action unfolds on-screen, the songs will be heard with precise clarity through the IMAX cutting-edge audio system that is customized to immerse you into the movie and all of the action.

Epic Practical FX

In an exclusive interview with writer and director James Gunn, he informed AMC that THE SUICIDE SQUAD is Warner Brother’s largest constructed set in the history of the studio. The scope of the movie is epic and Gunn specifically filmed it in IMAX to capture the grand scale. Immerse yourself into the big action and experience the massive scale of THE SUICIDE SQUAD in IMAX experience, you won’t be sorry! Watch the video to get a glimpse inside the mind of James Gunn as IMAX goes Behind the Frame of his latest film.

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