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Final Rambo Trailer is All About Legacy

September 11th, 2019Final Rambo Trailer is All About Legacy

Hollywood actors are normally delighted if they are able to create one iconic character who becomes a mainstay in the pop-culture lexicon, like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator or Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt.

Sylvester Stallone, however, can lay claim to two signature characters that are a huge part of his legacy. Beleaguered boxer Rocky Balboa is still kicking, thanks to the CREED franchise. And now Stallone is ready to continue the story of Vietnam veteran John Rambo, who he first brought to screens in 1982. Get your tickets for RAMBO: LAST BLOOD on AMC right now!

FIRST BLOOD introduced audiences to the stoic hero Rambo, a veteran who just wanted to be respected, and left alone. Over the years, the perfect soldier was repeatedly brought into conflict to assist his country. In the new movie RAMBO: LAST BLOOD, he’s finally fighting for his family, waging a one-man war to protect his “niece.”

Here’s the latest trailer for RAMBO: LAST BLOOD.

Now, when Maria Beltran (Adriana Barraza) gets kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel, Rambo comes to her aid. She’s not exactly a blood relative, but Rambo’s willing to spill a lot of blood to get her out of trouble. And by the looks of RAMBO: LAST BLOOD, it’s going to be one man against an army of antagonists. Only, in true Rambo fashion, they underestimate his ability, and pay the ultimate price for that foolishness.

This is the fifth chapter in the ongoing RAMBO saga, though it’s a departure from the last film (simply titled RAMBO) because Sylvester Stallone chose not to direct. Adrian Grunberg has stepped behind the lens for RAMBO: LAST BLOOD, but definitely borrows iconic imagery from the previous Rambo movies. You can see how shots of Stallone working a bow or delivering a knife strike are direct callbacks to the film’s in this series.

Could this be the final John Rambo story, as is implied in the title? It’s hard to say. Stallone delivered a happy ending for his restless warrior at the end of 2008’s RAMBO, finally allowing the wandering hero to make it back home. Except, now we see that “home” has dangers, as well, and Stallone was ready to lace them back up as his brutal killer character.

Stallone’s never fully done with these characters. As we mentioned, the CREED franchise found a way to extend the life of Rocky Balboa, by way of making him a part of a new character’s story. Could this happen with John Rambo? Anything seems possible.

For now, though, the next (and possibly last) chance to see Stallone playing Rambo again on the big screen will happen on September 20.

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