How The Gentlemen Redefines Fast Action

January 23rd, 2020How The Gentlemen Redefines Fast Action

When you think of movies with fast-paced action, franchises like JOHN WICK or FAST & FURIOUS likely come to mind. After all, their newest additions — 2019's JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3 – PARABELLUM and HOBBS & SHAW, respectively — featured insane stunts, pursuits and explosions, some of the biggest in their histories.

But action doesn't have to be defined by just car cashes and fight sequences. In THE GENTLEMEN, director Guy Ritchie proves that a quick pace and heart-pounding excitement can come from the dialog between the characters. It's the same technique he used in arguably two of his best movies, LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS and SNATCH.

THE GENTLEMEN star Matthew McConaughey told AMC, "People talk in [Ritchie's] films like he edits them. It’s very clean and succinct and to the point."

"There’s this sort of real rhythm — it’s almost like its own language," co-star Michelle Dockery added. Hear more of our exclusive interview with the cast in the clip below.

In Ritchie's latest project, the dialog is also very rapid and quick-witted — you have to pay attention, or you'll miss key details of the high-stakes crime caper, which follows marijuana boss Mickey Pearson (McConaughey) as he tries to leave the business in a "gentlemanly" way. Of course, there's another drug lord, Dry Eye (Henry Golding), who's hungry to take his place at the top, and Pearson's polished exterior turns ugly — quickly. (So, yes, expect a lot of R-rated violence to accompany the action-packed script.)

THE GENTLEMEN is Ritchie's return to the genre where he first left his mark and established the signature style fans know and love. That alone is reason enough to be excited for the film, but on top of that, Ritchie recruited a stacked, star-studded cast to lead story. In addition to McConaughey, Dockery and Golding, you will see Charlie Hunnam, Jeremy Strong, Eddie Marson, Colin Farrell and Hugh Grant shine in THE GENTLEMEN.

THE GENTLEMEN is in theatres everywhere on January 24, so get your tickets now!

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