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Justice League's Epic Post-Credits

November 17th, 2017Justice League's Epic Post-Credits

It wouldn't be too heavy-handed of me to say that the fate of the entire DCEU hinges on JUSTICE LEAGUE's success. It's been widely stated that the Zack Snyder-Joss Whedon directed picture will not only be used to determine what aspects of the DC Universe work and should be used in future films, but also set up solo films for the Superheroes involved. Because of this, fans are been eager to know what the post-credit scene for JUSTICE LEAGUE contains — if there even is one — and as it turns out, there's something very exciting in store for all those who sit through the credits.

A Huge Post-Credit Reveal

Speaking to BBC Radio 2's Steven Wright, Jason Momoa talked about his love for the film, the "rockstar" take on Aquaman and how he'd love to see DC and Marvel heroes come together. But the JUSTICE LEAGUE star also revealed that fans would have to sit in for the post-credit scene of the movie as it would reveal something important.

“I walked out... I walked out and there was [lots of applause] and I walked back in cause I forgot it was in the script. It's fantastic.”

It sounds like the post-credit scene will be something fans will love, though what it could be about is still a mystery. A popular notion is that it will tie in to the upcoming Aquaman film — and this could be why Momoa mentioned the scene. Not much is known about the upcoming Aquaman solo movie and if the Justice League post-credit scene gifts us with out first glimpse of Atlantis, that would be pretty great. We could also end up seeing Black Manta or perhaps even William Defoe's Vulko.

Another, much more popular theory is that the post-credit scene will show Darkseid, as many believe that he will be the villain for JUSTICE LEAGUE 2. In fact, it's widely thought that Geoff Johns' comic Justice League: Origin has served as the primary inspiration for Justice Leagueand since that comic features Darkseid as the main threat for the League, it can be speculated that he will be shown in the films' after-credit scene.

Of course, we can't be sure until we check out JUSTICE LEAGUE ourselves. Fingers crossed it's a Green Lantern appearance!

[Source: BBC Radio 2]

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