Jumanji Sequel Takes Action to the Next Level

December 9th, 2019Jumanji Sequel Takes Action to the Next Level

Sequels, by definition, go bigger. You get more of what you liked the first time. So, when it comes to JUMANJI: THE NEXT LEVEL, you'll want to experience the epic action in the clearest images on the largest screens, with immersive and heart-pounding audio.

For a limited time, IMAX makes you part of the JUMANJI story like never before. Remember the recent JUMANJI sequel, JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE? In the 2017 adventure, teenagers ended up getting pulled into a video game, which was an update of the board game that was featured in the original Robin Williams movie. Once inside of the game, the teens took on the personas of avatars that looked like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan and Jack Black.

They’re all back for JUMANJI: THE NEXT LEVEL, but it’s not acceptable to just play the game the same way. Director Jake Kasdan and his screenwriters are blowing up the universe of JUMANJI, and that means plenty of massive action set pieces that demand to be seen on the biggest screens possible. IMAX will transport fans directly into the game as a first-person player, unlike any other theatrical experience.

As you can see in the trailer above, the main characters aren’t staying in the jungles of the most recent movie. The boundaries of JUMANJI are expanding drastically, and the clarity and scale of IMAX bring these stunning new landscapes to life.

Of course, as an action fan, you know IMAX is also where The Rock makes his biggest impact. The superstar routinely boasts big screen efforts — such as HOBBS & SHAW, RAMPAGE or SKYSCRAPER — so his dedicated audiences have grown accustomed to seeing his action play out in IMAX. And there is one scene in particular that we know will play very well in IMAX, because the producers spent extra time honing it and even tried to get it into the first movie, JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE.

Producer Hiram Garcia recently sat down with CinemaBlend’s ReelBlend podcast and talked about the swinging bridge action sequence, where the main characters are being chased by an army of angry monkeys. He says it’s the scene he’s most proud of, and the one he can’t wait for audiences to see in a theatre.

"One of my favorite scenes that actually has a cool story to it is the bridge scene," Garcia said. "And what's cool about that is we'd actually been working on that sequence since the first movie. We had big ambitions for that. We wanted to put it in WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE. [We] didn't have enough time — or money — to pull it off. But that was something that had been in all of our minds for years. And so, to finally be able to put it… we knew that was going in this movie. We went right back to it because we knew it was gonna be big, awesome, and for us it was always like the biggest challenge they had ever encountered yet."

And the "biggest challenge" requires the biggest screen, and that means IMAX at AMC. See JUMANJI: THE NEXT LEVEL in that preferred format when the sequel blasts into theatres on December 15. Hurry and get your tickets now — JUMANJI: THE NEXT LEVEL will only be shown in IMAX at AMC for one week!

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