New Justice League SDCC Trailer

July 22nd, 2017New Justice League SDCC Trailer

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Not quite. Precisely one year after Warner Bros. dropped the first teaser footage from Justice League at San Diego Comic-Con, DC has decided to treat us to a new, second trailer — and this one raises the stakes in super style.

Yep, you know what that means. He may have been buried in Batman v Superman, but the dirt bouncing on his coffin made it perfectly clear that resurrection was on the cards for the Man of Steel in Justice League — the only question was whether he'd be fighting with, or against, the team. The Sdcc2017 trailer was a perfect tease that left us wanting more — you'll see what I mean in a minute.

Check out the new Justice League trailer below before we take a slightly deeper dive into the key moments, the big reveals, the new faces and set pieces glimpsed, and what it all means for the Zack Snyder-directed, Joss Whedon-polished epic.

While the 2016 Comic-Con footage focused on Bruce assembling the league and the first trailer revealed earlier this year was heavy on action, the new trailer has a stronger focus on the team itself, introducing the villainous Steppenwolf (played by a mocapped Ciarán Hinds) as the Apokoliptian threat facing Batman and the team. He looks good, right? Hopefully this is not another Doomsday situation.

There are also glimpses at supporting players like Jim Gordon, and a surprisingly large amount of action from the Amazons, but the big moment — the one guaranteed to light a fire under the hype train from now until November — will arrive when a certain red cape (or black suit?) descends from the sky. Dc seem to be playing with us, shrouding Superman in ambiguity even now. Will he be friend... or foe?

We'll find out whether Krypton's finest is an ally or a bad guy when Justice League arrives in theaters November 17.

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