Justice League's Original Villain

December 28th, 2017Justice League's Original Villain

DCEU films have thus far been quite polarizing for the general populous. With the exception of Wonder Woman, fans have either loved or hated the Warner Bros. movies. That said, Justice League is a different beast altogether. While the film hasn't made much noise at the box office, or done well critically, the average cinema goer has been pretty okay with the film. But if there's one thing everyone agrees on, it's that the film has a poor villain. Now, thanks to the VFX artist that worked on Justice League, we know of another villain that was originally supposed to be in the movie: Desaad.

Desaad: The Grim Reaper

For those of you who aren't familiar with the character, Desaad is one of the followers of Darkseid and serves as his main torturer. The VFX artist recently revealed on Reddit about the villain:

Desaad was in there originally, I'm not sure how far that got though. He looked grim reapery, skull like with a big cloak. Never saw Darkseid.

Considering that the alien's best ability is his torture skills, he would have certainly been a dark character for the film to add. That may very well be why he was excluded from the overall film. Of course the decision to make Justice League's run length short could've also resulted in the character being cut from the movie.

Still it's kind of interesting to imagine what his role could've been in the film, considering that there was no Darksied in the film. Who knows, maybe his addition to the mix would've made the movie a more memorable experience.

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