Last Christmas Is More Than a Holiday Rom-Com

November 25th, 2019Last Christmas Is More Than a Holiday Rom-Com

Paul Feig's LAST CHRISTMAS, starring Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding, has everything you want in a holiday rom-com: a winter wonderland setting, two stars with great chemistry, and a few mishaps and chuckles along the way. But there's more to the story than these feel-good elements, as our lovable leading lady faces some difficult challenges.

In the LAST CHRISTMAS trailer, we see Kate (Clarke) clumsily going through life, working as an elf in a year-round Christmas shop. She's miserable, cynical and not taking very good care of herself.

"She’s as messy as they come," star Emilia Clarke told us in an exclusive interview. "And she’s just kind of going through life in a very haphazard manner, because she isn’t taking the time to look at her own self."

But her messiness isn't just a trope to get laughs. Kate got so sick that she almost died, and ever since, she has been guarded, even with the people she's closest to. "I’m just scared all the time, and they just expect me to be normal and get on with life," Kate says in the trailer.

But when Tom (Golding) unexpectedly walks into her life, she slowly starts to let those barriers down and trust him. "He's trying to sort of show her to think differently, to be present, not to worry about the future, but more be grateful for what she has," star Henry Golding said in a one-on-one interview. Watch the full clip below.

Kate's transformation, with Tom's help, is inspiring and uplifting, but not easy and not without pain. She has to make amends with her family and work to reconnect with them. She has to let go of her fear of rejection to pursue her dreams of being a singer. And most importantly, she has to learn to accept herself, while she also makes strides to grow into a better, healthier person.

These plot points may seem like they belong in a somber drama, but there are plenty of humorous moments, too — the scenes with Kate's mother, played by Emma Thompson, are particularly hilarious. And even in the thick of the seriousness, there are positive messages and themes of reflection, coming together, forgiveness and being there for each other. The stars and director Paul Feig share more in the interview below.

LAST CHRISTMAS is the perfect movie to see with your family this holiday season. Get tickets now for a showing at an AMC theatre near you.

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