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Liam Neeson returns to action in HONEST THIEF

October 6th, 2020Liam Neeson returns to action in HONEST THIEF

Get Tickets HONEST THIEF opens October 16th

If you had stolen $9 million dollars and stumbled upon meeting a woman that would change your perspective on life and love, would you be able to come clean and give all the money away? In a twist to the action, thriller genre, HONEST THIEF explores the heart of a thief.

Liam Neeson plays Tom, a thief who decides it would be best to come clean and give all $9 million dollars away in exchange for a reduced sentence, until crooked cops ruin his plan. In our exclusive interview, Neeson shared how Tom could make a decision to give the money away so easily, “He didn’t steal the money from these banks to enrich himself, he was getting back at society.” Neeson continued to share that he was excited about the script because Tom has genuinely fallen in love with the character of Annie, played by Kate Walsh. Kate provided additional insight into Tom and Annie’s story, “it has this Robin Hood quality, we didn’t take the money. These two people, that is not their value system, it’s really about love and doing the right thing.” The chemistry between Neeson and Walsh conveys a relatable and authentic relationship that is a break from the salacious and dark relationships traditionally seen in this genre.

The romance between Tom and Annie is the heartbeat of the film, but HONEST THIEF pulls no punches when it comes to the action. Jai Courtney from SUICIDE SQUAD and Anthony Ramos from “Hamilton” are two crooked FBI agents set out to keep the money for themselves and take Tom down in the process. Kate appreciates the purity of the love story, but also knows what movie fans are expecting with a Liam Neeson action film, “people are drawn to taking care of the bad guys with some really good fight scenes and stunts.”

To appreciate all of the action in HONEST THIEF, it must be seen on the big screen at AMC.

Get Tickets HONEST THIEF opens October 16th

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