Our Favorite Guardians Of The Galaxy Moments

March 2nd, 2023Our Favorite Guardians Of The Galaxy Moments


Over the course of the past decade, the Guardians of the Galaxy have created some of the best moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

With the release of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: VOL. 3 right around the corner, we can’t help but look back one our favorite moments featuring that ragtag group of intergalactic criminals we’ve all come to know and love since they were introduced back in 2014. Here are the moments and scenes that come to mind when we think about the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Peter Quill

Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) has some of the most memorable moments of all the Guardians in the Galaxy. Though his heartbreaking scenes in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR were some of the most traumatic in the 2018 crossover film, we can’t help but remember one of his earliest moments, one where he turned to humor and “out of left field” tactics to confuse an enemy.

Of course, we’re talking about Quill challenging Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace) to a dance-off in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. When Xandar appears to be only seconds away from destruction, Quill begins dancing while the Kree crusader watches in disbelief. But it isn’t all for fun and games, as Quill is distracting the “big turd-blossom” so his fellow Guardians can destroy Ronan’s hammer and steal the Power Stone.


Gamora (Zoe Saldana) has also been at the center of some of the most consequential moments in the MCU thus far. Few, however, compare to the scene in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR where she prepares Peter Quill for the possible outcome of their confrontation with Thanos (Josh Brolin) before they attempt to prevent him from obtaining the Reality Stone.

The gravatas and emotional weight of this scene, not to mention the change in Gamora’s demeanor upon hearing that her father is finally putting his plan into motion, creates an unforgettable moment that sets up the rest of the movie for its heroes. Gamora telling Quill that he will have to kill her to prevent Thanos from getting the Soul Stone is a direction no one expected and no one will forget.

Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Racoon (Bradley Cooper) has always found a way to sneak humor into a scene, especially when it comes to stealing or trying to acquire someone’s body parts, whether that be an eye, a leg, or as we saw in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, Bucky Barnes’ (Sebastian Stan) vibranium arm during the Battle of Wakanda. After Rocket and Bucky team up to take out a whole group of outriders, the Guardian of the Galaxy asks how much for the Winter Soldier’s gun before asking for the arm.

Not only is this great because Rocket never stops wanting what he can’t have, it’s also amazing because there is a payoff years later with THE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY HOLIDAY SPECIAL in which Nebula gives Rocket the arm as a Christmas gift.


Trying to decide on just one Groot (Vin Diesel) moment from the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY movies, and MCU in general, is tougher than one might think. While we could have included Baby Groot dancing in the opening title sequence of the 2017 sequel, or Teenage Groot cutting off his arm to make a handle for Stormbreaker in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, we had to go back to the beginning for this beloved character.

In the group’s first adventure, when Ronan’s ship is about to crash down and kill the GOTG, Groot envelopes his friends in a layer of branches to protect them, sacrificing himself in the process. With the heartbreaking line, “We are Groot,” the anamorphic tree unites the gang and creates one of the most touching moments in the process.


Drax the Destroyer (Dave Bautista), with his unintentional comedy, has created just as many hilarious moments throughout the MCU as his physique and skill in hand-to-hand combat have led to intense action sequences. And while there is an entire list of great moments from the vengeful warrior, few compare to his “invisibility” trick in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR. The incredibly heartbreaking moment between Gamora and Peter Quill mentioned above also featured perhaps the funniest part of the 2018 movie: Drax attempting to turn himself invisible while eating a zargnut. Though he thinks no one can see him because of his incredibly slow movements, his comrades can clearly see him, slowly eating a snack in the shadows.


Though she hasn’t been around as long as her fellow Guardians, Mantis (Pom Klementieff) has made the most of her time in the franchise, leading to some truly unforgettable moments. And while she has been at the center of some incredibly funny moments, it all goes back to GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2. where she uses her powers to feel Drax’s pain as the two sit on Ego’s planet talking about their pasts.

By touching Drax’s shoulder and feeling the pain he carries for the loss of his daughter and wife, Mantis goes through a metamorphosis, deciding that she must reveal Ego’s true intentions, only to be cut off before doing so.


There are plenty of Nebula (Karen Gillan) moments to discuss from the character’s impactful arc over the years, but our favorite is definitely the one where she plays paper football with Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) while the lone survivors of the Battle of Titan float aimlessly in space in AVENGERS: ENDGAME.

Continuing the character’s journey from cold cybernetic assassin to one of the most emotionally dynamic characters in the franchise, the scene gives Nebula a great deal of humanity as she begins to let down her guard and warm up to people, even if her survival isn't guaranteed.


Kraglin (Sean Gunn), the second-in-command in Yondu's (Michael Rooker) Ravager crew got a lot more screen time in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2, including in one of the movie’s multiple post-credit sequences. Following the death of his longtime friend and leader, Kraglin decides to learn how to use Yondu’s telekinetic arrow.

Though brief, the scene does show that the awesome weapon will live on and that Kraglin will rise through the ranks, eventually becoming a full-fledged member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

These are our favorite Guardians of the Galaxy moments thus far, but expect that to all change when GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 3 opens in AMC Theatres locations nationwide soon.


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